AUSTINTOWN OH- Maddy Taylor is a name anyone who has been following Austintown Fitch softball will know very well. She has consistently been a statistical leader for the Falcons. Now as a senior, Maddy will take a bigger step into being a vocal and emotional leader to the team. It is something Maddy is prepared for, she had leadership moments last season as a junior, and the seniors she was under gave her phenomenal role models.

Maddy comes into this season with one main goal. Help get her team to state. That’s been her focus. She knows that the roster is capable of it. She will be a big key to the Falcons success. She is a staple of the lineup and supplies the Falcons with a lot of power.

Madi puts in a lot of work in the weight room. We could not complete an interview with her without talking about lifting. She says it’s her favorite thing to do. Watching her progress with strength coach Dan Wedding it’s easy to tell. It’s little things like her work ethic in the weight room that make her an example for the youth on the roster.

Maddy caught up with Anthony Hartwig and Ty Bartell on YSN’s Running Point. She talks about her senior season, the leadership responsibilities she’ll be taking this season, and much more. Get to know one of the leaders of the Falcon softball squad in the latest player profile.

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