CANFIELD OH- Canfield has broken out this season as one of the premiere basketball teams in the YSN family.  They are a complete team. Everyone plays a part, they accept their part, and they execute their part.  Leadership is what drives the Cardinals unselfish attitude.  If the seniors didn’t buy in to that, no one else would either.  Abby Muckleroy is one of those high class seniors that has stepped in to the role.

Muckleroy has gotten used to the added responsibilities that leadership has brought her this season.  In volleyball the Cardinals were coming off a season where they graduated a lot of talent, and Abby was one of the players that was asked to step up into a much larger role. That experience helped her seamlessly slide into the same position during the basketball season. Statistically Abby is one of the leaders of the team as well.  She leads the team in points per contest with a 9.4 average.  The Cardinals have 4 players averaging at least 7 points.  She is the most deadly three point shooter on the team for sure.  Muckleroy has hit 51 threes this season, and shoots 35% from beyond the arc.  She also leads the team in the rebounding category with 5 per game.  She’s second on the team in blocks with 11, and third in assists with 24.

Muckleroy was kind enough to take the time to conduct an interview with YSN’s own Anthony Hartwig.  They talk about Abby’s first career district championship, her time management skills, and much more. Check out the latest Canfield Girls Basketball Player Profile only on YSN.

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