GARFETTSVILLE OH- It’s official, Garfield is now celebrating a three peat as district champion.  Usually when you see a team have this kind of sustained success, it’s the same core of players.  However this season at Garfield, there are plenty of new faces keeping the G-Men standard alive. Through all the doubts the outside world had before the season started the G-Men have focused on just one goal winning. One of the players that has stepped up big time this season to fill in a role is senior Maggie Fogel.

Fogel was definitely a part of the team for the previous two district championships, but she admits this one feels the different. For the first time Maggie has been able to have a significant impact on what happens on the floor.  She has bided her time for this moment. Now with her fellow seniors next to her, it’s her time to shine.  Fogel learned a ton from the leaders that came before her.  The lessons she has learned from leaders of the past have gotten her to this moment where now she leads a group of new faces to a district championship.  It’s time to lock in your focus to Maggie Fogel.

Maggie was able to take the time to check in with Anthony Hartwig’s Anthony Hartwig about her senior season.  They go over what this year has felt like, how proud she is to hold up another district championship, and so much more. Check out the latest Garfield Girls Basketball Player Profile only on YSN.

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