EAST PALESTINE, OH- The road over the last few months has been a bumpy one for the residents of East Palestine following the February 3rd train derailment.  However, like so many small towns in the United States, there have been residents that have set a great example of how to overcome adversity, and challenges that may be facing- and East Palestine has been no different.

Resident and youth advocate in the town, Matt Werner has put his hand in the pile of people looking to pick up the pieces and put things back together better than before.  Werner has been leading the efforts in creating the Road2Recovery Walk/5K event on June 10th in downtown East Palestine.  Proceeds will benefit youth activities throughout the village, and it’s not just limited to sports.  “The money is specifically going to go to youth initiatives and youth programs.  It could be EPYSA, Rotary soccer, wrestling, Little Bulldogs, as well as K-12 stem programs or whatever is suggested within the school” said Werner.

The event will feature NFL Hall of Famer, and legendary Pittsburgh Steeler Runningback Jerome Bettis during the day.  “If you look up his story, and you understand what he went through in middle school/high school to get to where he is now…the adversity he went through lined up with ours,” added Werner.

Werner emphasized the fact that The United Way of Northern Columbiana County will be helping with the donations, but ALL 100% of donations will be funneled through a committee to aid in the recovery efforts for youth in East Palestine.

“I think all of our sponsors are going to be extremely proud to know they donated money to this campaign and they had a huge impact on letting these kids succeed and distracting them from the negative messaging going on in the village,” said Werner.

Interested parties can register at