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Lowellville, OH- The versatile Lowellville Rockets hosted the Mineral Ridge Rams looking to continue their winning ways by any means necessary. The Rockets would come away with a commanding victory. Quarterback Vinny Ballone would score 6 combined touchdowns in the winning effort with Wide Receiver Mathew Lucido catching 4 touchdown passes. Mineral Ridge Quarterback Mark Bunch would score 2 rushing touchdowns for the Rams. Lowellville beats the Rams 56-28.

The Rockets started off the game with two rushing touchdowns. First touchdown coming from Running Back Marcus Dubos and the second by Ballone from 97 yards out. The Rams would answer with a 10 yard rushing touchdown from Bunch to make the game 7-14. Lowellville responded with two consecutive passing touchdowns by Ballone to Lucido to increase the Rocket lead and make the game 26-7.

The Rams wouldn’t go away in the second quarter. Rams Running Back Nathan Rohrman rushed into the endzone to help Mineral Ridge. Then, Bunch would throw a 25 yard touchdown pass to Aaron Myers to climb their way back into this game and make the game 21-26. The Rockets would take off from there. Ballone and Lucido would connect two more times for paydirt in the second half while Ballone would rush into the endzone one more time. Lowellville wins 56-28. Lowellville (7-2) is scheduled to face Western Reserve while Mineral Ridge (3-5) will host Waterloo. Catch all the games live on

*Contributed By YSN’s Anthony Melone

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