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SEBRING, OH- It’s been over a month since the last time Coach Seidel sat down with YSN, and oh how things have changed.

New restrictions, new schedules, new implications, and yet the focus remains the same in Trojan Country: #ForTheHonor.

The Trojans have their minds locked in on changing the image of the program, and Coach Seidel is leading the charge.  Equipped with some new weapons that will add to the overall speed for the Purple and Gold, Sebring is guaranteed something that they’ve longed for as far as the program has existed: a trip to the playoffs.

What are some of the thoughts that will run through Coach Seidel’s mind prior to kickoff?  How do you shift focus from one team to another in less than two weeks?

Check in with YSN’s DJ Yokley, and Coach Matt Seidel as they discuss opening week in Sebring!

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