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MINERAL RIDGE, OH-  As a beacon of hope and resilience for the younger generation, Faith Schneider has undoubtedly made a mark in Mineral Ridge’s sports history. Faith recently joined us on YSN podcast, where she opened up about her impressive journey throughout her high school volleyball career.

“When I first came to the school, I had to sit out half the year,” Faith recalled, addressing the challenges she faced early on. Despite this, she went on to achieve a remarkable milestone, surpassing a thousand digs—a feat she hadn’t anticipated. “I wasn’t really expecting, like, anything like that. But with the team like that, I had. It was very easy to do that,” she humbly stated.

Faith’s gratitude toward her team revealed the cohesive force that propelled the program to excellence. “It’s really been about, like, leadership and about, like, everyone working together and just working hard and always wanting to, like, win and have a common goal,” she expressed, highlighting the importance of unity and collective aspiration.

A natural leader herself, Faith emphasized the essence of leading by example, aiming not only to inspire but also to instill joy. “I just want them to, like, remember, like, the moments of me being, like, stupid or funny and them always, like, looking back on that,” she shared. This mindset reflects her leadership style, one that is both uplifting and memorable.

Looking back on the figures who shaped her journey, Faith credited her older peers, particularly mentioning Olivia Booth. “She’s, like, one of my favorite seniors… She was literally the one that, like, really brought me under and, like,” Faith says, alluding to the influence and guidance she received as a younger athlete.

Achieving all-state honors was a landmark moment for Faith, one that surprised and humbled her. “It’s very amazing… It just feels, like, really amazing to, like, know that people, like, know me and they have my back, and then they know that I could be a good player,” she said, acknowledging the recognition and support she’s received.

Enduring and overcoming adversity is part of any athlete’s journey, and Faith is no exception. Her philosophy, embedded by her parents, is to learn and grow from every setback. “He’d [her father] always be like, you know you always gonna have that bad game, that bad match, but it’s how you bounce back from it that really shows, like, the type of person you are,” she explained, speaking on the resilience ingrained in her approach.

Looking ahead, the discomfort of starting anew weighs on anyone venturing into uncharted territories. Yet, for Faith, Edinburgh feels like a second home, credited largely to the welcoming nature of the team and coaching staff. “It was very, like, home. Like, I just could, like, see myself there, and I love, like, the team. Like the. Just the whole atmosphere of the whole program,” she beamed with enthusiasm for her future.
As her legacy at Mineral Ridge endures, Faith carries the pride of being a foundational brick in the school’s sports culture. “It just feels really good that I can, like, be an example for a lot of girls,” Faith remarked, understanding the impact she leaves behind.

Concluding her high-school sports journey, Faith Schneider stands as an example of what hard work, a positive mindset, and a sense of community can achieve. Her story will continue to inspire and motivate many in Mineral Ridge and beyond as she takes the next step in her academic and athletic career.



PEPPER PIKE, OH- In a recent episode of the “YSN – Orange Boys Basketball Coach’s Corner” podcast, host DJ Yokley sat down with Marvin Rashad, the new head basketball coach at Orange High School. The conversation was filled with excitement and optimism as Coach Rashad shared his vision for the team and his passion for the game.

Coach Rashad, a former player himself, spoke about how basketball has been a blessing in his life, teaching him valuable lessons of discipline, hard work, and perseverance. He expressed his belief that the game is not just about wins and losses, but also about personal growth and the development of life skills.

Describing his journey to Orange High School as a “Cinderella story,” Coach Rashad recounted a pivotal game three years ago when his previous team, Shaw High School, faced off against Orange in a sectional championship. Against all odds, Shaw emerged victorious, and Coach Rashad’s coaching prowess caught the attention of the administrators at Orange High School.

Since taking over as head coach, Coach Rashad has been focused on changing the culture and instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability in his players. He emphasizes that they represent not only themselves and their families but also the school and the coaching staff. The players are urged to approach the game with a sense of urgency and to give their best, knowing that every action reflects on their coach and the program.

The enthusiasm surrounding Coach Rashad’s appointment is evident in the response from the players. Over 60 students expressed their desire to play for him, a testament to his ability to inspire and motivate. Coach Rashad humbly acknowledged this overwhelming support and expressed his commitment to Orange High School, stating that he has found his home and plans to build a successful program for years to come.

Cleveland is a community that deeply values basketball, and Coach Rashad understands the high expectations that come with leading a team in this city. He acknowledges the competitive nature of the game but encourages his players to play with confidence and freedom, while still maintaining discipline and structure. He aims to create a team that is known for its resilience and fighting spirit, regardless of the outcome on the scoreboard.

As a coach who has played at the next level himself, Coach Rashad recognizes the aspirations of his players to play college basketball. He advises them to embrace the challenges that come with that goal, emphasizing the importance of listening, being coachable, and developing a resilient mindset. He wants his players to understand that nothing comes easy and that they must be ready to fight for their dreams.

Coach Rashad’s journey to becoming a basketball coach was influenced by his junior high coach, Nick Daniel Wright, who not only cared about his players’ performance on the court but also showed genuine concern for their well-being outside of basketball. This experience ignited Coach Rashad’s desire to become a coach who genuinely cares about his players’ personal growth and success.

In summary, Coach Marvin Rashad brings enthusiasm, inspiration, and a strong commitment to the Orange Boys Basketball program. He aims to build a culture of responsibility and accountability while instilling confidence and freedom in his players. With his own experiences and positive mentorship, Coach Rashad is ready to make a lasting impact on the lives of his players and the success of the program.




CANFIELD, OH- Welcome back to another edition of “YSN/Canfield: Player Profile,” where we delve into the lives and experiences of athletes from the Canfield Cardinals. In this episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Seth Newman, a senior and defensive end for the team.

We discuss the tight-knit bond of the senior class, their ability to overcome adversity, and the traditions that have shaped them. Seth shares his reflections on personal growth, the legacy he hopes to leave behind, and his plans for the future beyond high school.

Stay tuned as we uncover the story of this remarkable player and the lessons he has learned both on and off the football field. Get ready for an inspiring and candid conversation with Seth Newman on today’s episode: Canfield Player Profile.




BOARDMAN, OH-Welcome back to YSN, where we bring you the latest player profiles and exclusive interviews with some of the most talented athletes in the game. In today’s episode, we have a special guest joining us – Morgan Russo, a rising star in cross-country running.

Morgan sits down with our host to discuss her passion for running and what it means to be a part of a team. She shares her journey of how she fell in love with cross country in 7th grade and how it became her sport of choice. We also delve into her dedication to pushing through challenges and the motivation she finds in her teammates, even when things get tough.

Join us as we uncover the behind-the-scenes moments of Morgan’s cross-country experience, from the joys of hanging out and playing games with her team to the stressful recruiting process she’s currently navigating. She opens up about her dreams of securing scholarships and her aspirations to study psychology or education.

We also get a glimpse into Morgan’s close-knit family, including her mom’s valuable advice and her dad’s infectious goofiness. From pogo sticks at camping trips to sibling bonds, we explore the support system that keeps Morgan grounded.

So stay tuned for an inspiring conversation with Morgan Russo, where we discover the drive and determination that fuels her success on and off the cross-country track. This is an episode you won’t want to miss.




BOARDMAN, OH- Welcome back to another exciting episode of YSN Player Profile, where we dive deep into incredible stories of young, talented individuals.

Today, we have a special treat for you as we bring you a player profile on none other than Zach Ganser, the outstanding boardman golfer. Joining us to discuss his recent performance in a tournament, Zach shares his experiences, challenges, and triumphs on the course.

We’ll uncover how Zach left it all out there, despite the tough conditions, and learn about the lessons he learned about himself along the way. Stay tuned as we explore the pride Zach feels representing his school and his plans for the future.

Don’t miss a moment of this inspiring episode. So, let’s jump right in and get to know Zach Ganser, the resilient and determined golfer who is determined to make his mark on the green.




CANFIELD, OH- Liv Meli, a senior volleyball player for South Range High School, sits down with DJ Yokley for an interview on YSN. Liv reflects on her four years of playing volleyball and how fast it has gone by. As a senior, she has taken on a leadership role on the team, emphasizing the importance of being a team player and bringing energy to the court.

When asked about where she learned confidence, Liv credits her parents for always encouraging her to be confident and put herself out there. Although she admits that she is not the loudest person, she tries her best to be confident. Liv’s sister, who is younger but has a big personality, has also been a role model for her in terms of confidence.

Liv discusses the importance of having fun during games and how it contributes to the team’s energy on the court. She mentions that when her teammates are there to support and uplift her, she can switch into a more assertive mode during games. Despite facing tough competition throughout the season, Liv sees it as a learning experience and believes that the team’s strong bond and Coach Iron’s support will contribute to their success.

Off the court, Liv shares a close bond with her sister, often going out for coffee or food together. She mentions their love for Starbucks and going to restaurants like Olive Garden. Liv expresses her gratitude for her family’s support, highlighting how they are always there for her through ups and downs.

When asked about one quality from each of her parents that she would like to adopt, Liv admires her mom’s caring nature and her dad’s confidence. She appreciates how her mom always tries to make everyone happy, while her dad encourages her to put herself out there and not worry about what others think.

Outside of volleyball, Liv enjoys shopping and often goes on spontaneous shopping trips with her sister. She mentions that she loves browsing both online and in physical stores, appreciating the experience of looking around.

Overall, Liv’s profile showcases her dedication, leadership, and the importance of having fun both on and off the volleyball court. With the support of her teammates, coach, and family, Liv has high hopes for the team’s success in the upcoming season.