COLUMBUS, OH- Everyone wants their moment in life, for some, it’s a story that’s well written with no antagonists, little drama, and bright shiny skies each day of the way.

For others, it’s a story full of obstacles, trials and tribulations, and adversity around each corner- but we watch and hope and pray for success to come the way of “the underdog.”  This is the way of South Range alum, Jacob Gehring.  A young man that was able to capture the hearts of the local baseball fans in 2018 after helping lead his team to a state championship, and maintained humility the entire way.

In the 1on1 interview, Jake talks about what he’s learned along the way, and what he’s still looking to accomplish.  The Natural also talks about all the people that have given him the opportunity in one fashion or another to launch to where he’s worked to get to today.

Sit back, and enjoy this version of 1on1 because THE NATURAL IS BACK IN FULL FORCE.