COLUMBUS, OH- Everyone wants their moment in life, for some, it’s a story that’s well written with no antagonists, little drama, and bright shiny skies each day of the way.

For others, it’s a story full of obstacles, trials and tribulations, and adversity around each corner- but we watch and hope and pray for success to come the way of “the underdog.”  This is the way of South Range alum, Jacob Gehring.  A young man that was able to capture the hearts of the local baseball fans in 2018 after helping lead his team to a state championship, and maintained humility the entire way.

In the 1on1 interview, Jake talks about what he’s learned along the way, and what he’s still looking to accomplish.  The Natural also talks about all the people that have given him the opportunity in one fashion or another to launch to where he’s worked to get to today.

Sit back, and enjoy this version of 1on1 because THE NATURAL IS BACK IN FULL FORCE.



BOARDMAN, OH- If you’ve been a fan of sports in Northeast Ohio, you’ve undoubtedly come across the life and times of Boardman’s Sean O’Horo.

From his athleticism on the football field, to his dare-devil wrestling persona- O’Horo has proven himself to be the real deal.  However, there are still some that want to tarnish the shine O’Horo has brought to NEO.  No matter, because as you’ll hear straight from the “Irish Assassin,” he uses the haters as fuel to his fire, and proves them wrong every time he laces his shoes to compete.

Simply put, Sean O’Horo is the type of young man you want your son (or daughter) to emulate.  From his stand-offish personality, and high point manners, to his work ethic when the “switch is flipped,” O’Horo is locked in and focused to represent this area on the big stage on Saturdays this Fall.

On this first day in February, O’Horo declared and committed himself the future product of the University of Kentucky on the football field, and sent shockwaves through the 330.

We had the honor of sitting down with Sean on a special 1on1 version of YSN’s Power Hour to discuss his past, present, and future!


EAST PALESTINE, OH- He’s one of the smiling faces you see every Wednesday at Your Sports Network.  An eternal optimist at heart, who has stared adversity in the face and winked at it with a smile.

Scotty Mincher has been one of the area’s hidden gems of entertainment and banter for nearly all his life, but that changed nearly four years ago when he joined the ranks of a local sports network to prove to himself, and all around him that he won’t be defined by a disability.

Now a regular on shows like “Running Point” and Power Hour on YSN, Mincher contributes his two cents on topics that range from local to national in sports and brings the heat with each take he has.

YSN’s DJ Yokley sat down with Scotty Mincher in the first-ever One on One to discuss his journey, and what makes his story stand out from the rest.