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HANOVERTON OH- United is in the middle of one of their best basketball seasons in a while.  They have been focused in on bringing the program back to the success it had in the early 2010’s.  The seniors of the team have made it a clear goal.  They’ve put in four years of work to set the standard of the program.  Running the point of the Eagles culture is Taylor Cope. You won’t be able to find anyone that is a harder worker than Cope.  When you ask her coaches about her, they will praise her for her coachability.  She has set the tone for United’s success.

When you watch the Eagles live on the floor, it’s clear how important Cope is to what the Eagles like to do. On offense, United runs a ton of their sets through her. Getting Taylor the ball starts everything. That id because she is able to just about anything with the basketball when she catches it in the post. She can kick it back out to the perimeter, or she can make a move to the basket to score herself.  The threat of Cope in the paint forces defenses to respect it.  That will always open up scoring opportunities for all the other players.  Cope’s basketball IQ is through the roof, which is another reason the coaches can trust her with the key to their offense.

Cope had the time to come and join a video chat with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig. They talk about what it’s like to bring United Girls Basketball back to the top, the legacy she and her fellow seniors want to leave on the program, and so much more. Check out the latest United Girls Basketball Player Profile only on YSN!

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