MYRTLE BEACH, SC- In a heart-pounding matchup against Waccamaw, the Canfield Cardinals displayed unwavering determination and resilience, defying the odds to secure a thrilling 6-4 victory in Myrtle Beach on Tuesday.

Leading the charge was Michael Patellis, whose remarkable performance at the plate proved instrumental in the Cardinals’ triumph. Patellis showcased his clutch hitting, driving in four crucial runs on three hits, including a pivotal triple in the seventh inning that ignited a game-changing rally.

Despite an early setback as Waccamaw took the lead, the Cardinals remained undeterred, rallying back to tie the game in the third inning, courtesy of Patellis’ timely single. Waccamaw maintained their advantage, capitalizing on an error to extend their lead to 2-1.

However, the Cardinals refused to back down. In a dramatic turn of events in the seventh inning, the Cardinals staged a remarkable comeback, erupting for five runs on three hits to seize control of the game. Patellis once again delivered in the clutch, delivering the decisive blow with his triple that drove in three runs, propelling the Cardinals to a 6-4 lead.

On the mound, Sean Harrington emerged as a hero for the Cardinals, earning the win with a stellar relief performance, while Patellis secured the save to seal the victory.

Despite facing adversity, the Cardinals showcased their grit and determination, refusing to succumb to the pressure. Zain Jadallah also contributed with two hits for the Cardinals, providing crucial support at the plate.

Although Waccamaw put up a strong fight, the Cardinals’ resilience proved too much to overcome. Kerns, Barnett, and Mabus led the offensive charge for Waccamaw, but it was not enough to halt the Cardinals’ momentum.

With this hard-fought victory under their belts, the Canfield Cardinals continue to defy the odds, ready to take on their next challenge as they travel to University for their upcoming game on Wednesday. In the face of adversity, the Cardinals stand united, determined to overcome any obstacle in their path and emerge victorious.