CANFIELD, OH- As a part of three generations of South Range Raiders Scott Valentine said it best when he delivered “I’m sure Coach has spent more time in those four walls since it was built than he has at his own dinner table and we couldn’t think of a better building to bear their names.” when talking about Dan Yeagley on Thursday night.

Former players were tasked with raising funds for the signage and dedication of the appropriately named “Dan & Kelli Yeagley Field House” and teams from 1996 through 2023 were listed as donors to the cause and facilitated by Nick Toy and getting players of different generations involved and the vision of Randy Dominguez, said Valentine.


Yeagley, who had coached his alma mater since 1995 accrued an overall coaching record of 248-75 in his 28 years at the helm.  Coach Yeagley also helped guide the Raiders to 13 conference championships, 3 regional titles, and the crown jewel 2022 State Championship.

All of that would not have been possible without the love and support of Dan’s loving wife, and best friend, Kelli – who endured the roller coaster ride that is being a coach’s wife for every step of the way.  South Range, and the community that makes it knew it was only fitting to show gratitude for her sacrifices along the way.

“Kelli and I have been blessed with great players throughout the years, and great friends, and even more great coaches- and I can’t thank you enough.  This is such an honor, it really is- remember what it stands for: preparation, commitment, dedication, hard work, and remember it stands for sacrifices” said Yeagley.

The Raiders take on Clearview on Friday night in the Regional Semi-Finals, where Coach Yeagley and Kelli have sideline passes to cheer on their favorite team.