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WARREN OH- One if the more under the radar players in the area right now is Champion’s quarter back Joey Fell. Fresh off a season with 1000 pass, and rush yards, it’s hard to imagine him even doing better. But like all great athletes Fell has raised the bar on himself and his teammates. After a tough 0-2 start the Golden Flashes have stormed on a 2 game win streak, and have a shot to push above .500 in Week 5 against LaBrae. As the season keeps going, Fell’s main goal is to put his team in a position to make the playoffs, something Champion football hasn’t done in a long time.

Less than half way through the season Fell has already thrown for 453 yards, and ran for 447. He is right on pace for another 1,000 yard season in both categories.  He is responsible for 8 touchdowns so far. Five on the ground, three through the air. If you think offense is his only skill set, think again. Fell puts in a ton of time on his defense, he currently has 12 tackles and a pick on the season.

Fell was able to take the time out of his game day to come on YSN’s Running Point and talk about his senior season. He talks with Anthony Hartwig and Ty Bartell about being a leader, personal goals, and much more. Check out the latest Champion Football Player Profile only on YSN!

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