GARRETTSVILLE OH- To say the Garrettsville Garfield Baseball had rode the roller coaster in the beginning of the season. Experiencing back-to-back conference wins, highlighted by a no-hitter, capped off by massive run production that led Garfield to two consecutive wins over Liberty.  Garfield also experienced their lows, with consecutive losses by a Champion team that was there to let some frustrations loose.

However, like Garfield always does, they find ways to bounce back and do it with force! Handing Crestview their first loss of the season, and only conference loss on the year, back on April 26th. Competing in The Mahoning Valley Athletic Conference (MVAC) Gray tier has sharpened The G-Men’s teeth

Garrettsville has a firm grip on the conference mountain as far as standings are concerned. Question is, who will be the first to the top? Do not miss this edition of Coaches Corner with Garrettsville Garfield’s Head Coach, Michael Paes.

*Contributed By YSN’s Ty Bartell

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