YOUNGSTOWN, OH- In a packed gymnasium filled with enthusiastic fans, the Ursuline Fighting Irish boys basketball team triumphed over Cardinal Mooney with a 69-58 home victory. This marked Ursuline’s seventh consecutive win in the heated rivalry between the two teams.

The game unfolded with Ursuline taking an early lead, but Cardinal Mooney rallied in the second quarter, showcasing a formidable offense. Despite the Cardinals’ surge, Ursuline remained composed and finished the half with a four-point advantage.

Senior guard Jibri Carter stood out for the Cardinals, contributing significantly to their offensive efforts with 20 points, even battling through an apparent cramp in the third quarter. Mooney’s Eddie Nieves added 14 points, but defensive lapses became a significant factor in their loss.

In the second half, Cardinal Mooney struggled to regain the momentum they had in the second quarter. Ursuline, with both offensive and defensive consistency, extended its lead and controlled the clock as the game progressed, ultimately securing a seventh consecutive victory against the Cardinals.

Senior Geno Lucente and freshman Jaylen Gunther, each scoring 19 points, were named players of the game, both of which were outstanding on both sides of the floor.

The Fighting Irish, with a record of 9-2 (3-0), look ahead to a road game against Farrell on January 20, while Mooney (8-4, 1-1) aims to bounce back in a Steel Valley Conference matchup against Chaney on January 19.

As the season unfolds, the Ursuline Fighting Irish continue to build on their success, aiming to reach new heights and surpass the achievements of previous years. The passionate rivalry between Ursuline and Cardinal Mooney adds an extra layer of intensity to each encounter, making it a spectacle for basketball fans.