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YOUNGSTOWN OH- Cardinal Mooney put on a shooting clinic on Friday night, setting records en route to a commanding 75-31 victory over Hubbard. The team’s sharpshooting prowess was on full display as they shattered program records, lighting up the scoreboard with an astounding 18 three-pointers.

Leading the charge for Cardinal Mooney was Rocco Turner, whose scintillating performance saw him establish a new program record with an incredible 9 three-pointers, finishing the game with a game-high 29 points. Turner’s sharpshooting display left the Hubbard defense scrambling to contain him, but to no avail.

Supporting Turner’s offensive onslaught was Nick Pregibon, who contributed 13 points of his own, adding to Cardinal Mooney’s offensive barrage.

Despite Hubbard’s efforts to keep pace, they were unable to contain Cardinal Mooney’s relentless attack. Kenyan Franklin led Hubbard’s scoring effort with 12 points, but it was not enough to overcome Cardinal Mooney’s offensive firepower.

With this emphatic win, Cardinal Mooney improves their record to an impressive 16-5 as they gear up for their final game of the regular season, where they will host Struthers on Friday. Meanwhile, Hubbard wraps up their regular season with a record of 11-11 and looks ahead to tournament play, where they will host Orange on February 27th.


YOUNGSTOWN OH- For Cardinal Mooney girls basketball, Sophia Diorio isn’t just a player; she’s a cornerstone of their basketball program. With a legacy that spans several seasons, Diorio has etched her name into the fabric of Cardinal Mooney basketball, leaving an indelible mark as one of the most impactful players in recent memory.

Over the past few years, Diorio has not only excelled on the court but has also emerged as a formidable leader for her team. In the last two seasons, her leadership has blossomed, guiding her teammates with a blend of poise and determination that commands respect.

When it comes to controlling the flow of the game, no one does it quite like Diorio. As the primary ball-handler and orchestrator of the offense, she possesses an innate ability to dictate the tempo and direction of each play, showcasing her basketball IQ and court vision with every dribble.

But it’s not just her playmaking ability that sets Diorio apart. This season, she has taken her game to new heights, displaying a newfound confidence in her scoring prowess. With an improved jump shot and her already exceptional ball-handling skills, Diorio has evolved into a legitimate scoring threat, keeping opposing defenses on their toes.

Diorio’s impact extends beyond the offensive end. This season, she made history by breaking the program record for steals in a season, amassing an impressive tally of over 150 steals. Her tenacity on defense and her ability to disrupt passing lanes have been invaluable assets for Cardinal Mooney throughout the season.

Adding to the narrative is the unique family connection that Diorio shares with the team. With her father serving as the head coach and her younger sister also gracing the court alongside her, basketball is truly a family affair for the Diorios. This familial bond adds an extra layer of chemistry and cohesion to the team dynamic, fostering an environment of trust and camaraderie.

As Diorio prepares to graduate and move on to the next chapter of her basketball journey, there’s no denying the void she will leave behind. Her departure will undoubtedly be felt deeply within the Cardinal Mooney community. However, with the foundation she has laid and the standards she has set, the program is poised to thrive in her absence. Diorio’s legacy will serve as a guiding light for future generations of Cardinal Mooney basketball players, inspiring them to strive for greatness both on and off the court.

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YOUNGSTOWN OH- In a physical battle that showcased the resilience of both teams, Mooney emerged victorious with a hard-fought 47-39 win over Chaney on their home court. It was a game marked by intense competition and relentless effort from start to finish.

Leading the scoring charge for Mooney was Jibri Carter, who delivered a stellar performance with 15 points, supported closely by Rocco Turner with 14 points. Eddie Nieves also made significant contributions with 7 points, helping to propel Mooney to victory.

Despite a valiant effort from Chaney, led by Asuante Mickel with a game-high 16 points and Cliffton Scott with 6 points, they couldn’t overcome Mooney’s determined defense and offensive firepower.

With this win, Mooney improved their season record to 15-5, setting the stage for a crucial matchup against Hubbard on Friday as they look to maintain their momentum heading into the postseason.

Meanwhile, Chaney, with a record of 5-9, will hit the road once again on Friday for a matchup against Benedictine, aiming to bounce back from their tough loss to Mooney.


By Matt Maher 

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – The Cardinals are a week away from tournament play and they welcomed a great challenge and test to town in the form of the Walsh Jesuit Warriors to see how they’d handle a tough opponent and while the 58-42 loss wasn’t ideal the Cardinals showed glimmers of good defense and some offensive mistakes that can be corrected given the right coaching and time during practice and their last regular season game come Thursday. 


Walsh Jesuit jumped out to a hot start against the Cardinals but Mooney stuck with their game plan and kept it close only trailing 11-8 after one frame. Walsh was led by Taylor Angielski who found 5 points including the first and only 3 of the game to this point. Mooney countered with Sophia Diorio who found 6 points all in the paint while Talecia Huff found the other 2 points. While it stayed close early Walsh turned off cruise control and showed Mooney how they played ball.


16-7 was the difference in the second with Walsh getting most of their scoring from one source while Mooney tried to spread it out amongst each other. The Individual who scored 8 points in the quarter for Walsh was Kara Courtad who pushed her way through the paint either with the ball or to get in position for a good pass and she didn’t seem to miss much. Katie Pregibon had the most points at the end of the quarter with 3 while Huff and Zanijahray Wright combined for the other 4 points. The Warriors found holes in the Cardinals defense and took advantage while Mooney found themselves in great scoring spots but would over shoot the ball which would result in a big rebound things would need to change after halftime.


Cardinal Mooney has shown us to be a good second half team all season and you could certainly say that stayed true on Monday night. In the third the Cardinals trailed 15-11 in scoring but that score was the first time they found double digits in a quarter so you could tell this team was starting to heat up. Kara Estefan for Walsh led her team with 5 points including a 3 and a perfect 2-for-2 from the stripe. The Warriors would go 4-for-6 from the line as a team in the first quarter we got to see an abundance of free throws.


Sophia Diorio came out of the break on a mission and that mission was a successful one as she found 8 points with a made 3, two 2’s and 1-of-2 free throws scored. Huff found herself with 3 points all from the stripe. Mooney would go 4-for-8 from the line leaving 4 points on the floor that could have tied them in 3rd quarter scoring with the Warriors. 


The fourth quarter was Mooney’s quarter with a scoreline that went their way and a more sound offense and even defense the Cardinals would end the game with a 16-14 advantage in scoring in the final quarter. Cesily Sutton found herself leading Walsh with 6 points including a long 3 that would be impressive on any team. Talecia Huff took the torch and led her team with 7 points with two field goals and going 3-for-6 from the stripe. Sophia Diorio found herself with 5 more points as well.


While the Cardinals may have won the 4th they couldn’t score enough to take the game. Sophia Diorio finished with 19 points which was the most among all players in this game while Talecia Huff finished with 14 which was tied for 2nd with Walsh’s Kara Courtad. 


Both teams looked about even in defensive coverage and offensive chances. The issue for Mooney was that they shot the ball too hard which resulted in the ball going over the rim or too hard off the backboard and landing right in the palms of the Warriors who were waiting for it. If Mooney can figure out the right amount of strength to put on their shots they should have no problem in their final game of the season and should play a good game against Champion in tournament play. 


Walsh Jesuit (11-9) will finish off their season at home when they host CVCA on February 14th at 7:00PM while Cardinal Mooney (8-13) will end their campaign at Hubbard on February 15th at 7:00PM. 


By Tim Corso

Ursuline outlasted Mooney in this year’s second installment of the Holy War 43-39.

It was the defensive effort of holding the Cardinals to four fourth quarter points and the game-sealing free throw from Jaylen Gunther that gave Ursuline the final say. 

That free throw was one of Gunther’s 8 points.

Ursuline went scoreless for nearly half of the fourth quarter before going on a run after a big three-pointer from Geno Lucente and the game go-ahead layup from Deshaun Will with barely 60 seconds left. 

Lucente finished with a game-high 16 ppints while Will pitched in 3.

To get to that point both teams faced a lot of adversity in the form of turnovers.

The first eight minutes were filled with numerous turnovers from both sides and gave everyone a feeling it would come down to that. 

Sharpshooting was the story for the Irish to start. Freshman Jace Ricardo buried a pair of threes in the opening quarter to propel them to a 17-9 edge early. 

Ricardo would finish with 6 points. 

However the Cardinals would storm back thanks to Jibri Carter and co. 

Carter was a catalyst all night and dished out multiple easy bucket opportunities for his team.

However, Carter sent the crowd into hysterics with a three-pointer at the second quarter buzzer to square the game up at 23.

Carter finished with 15 points in the setback. 

Mooney’s lead got as big as seven points in the third period as Carter kept making big plays.

The Irish stormed back to end the quarter to cut it to a two point Cardinal lead 35-33.

From that point, the defensive final frame began and two Mooney turnovers in the final 10 seconds sealed the deal for Ursuline.

Ursuline (14-3) will host Akron Hoban next on Tuesday 2/13.

Cardinal Mooney (14-5) will host Chaney next on 2/13.


In a senior night celebration to remember, Canfield delivered a resounding performance on Monday, thumping Cardinal Mooney with a convincing 57-22 victory. The seniors led the charge, showcasing their skills and commitment to mark the occasion.

Cami Hritz led Canfield’s scoring efforts with an impressive 12 points, closely followed by Lorieonna Jannone and Carly Fleming, both contributing 9 points. Grace McQuiston added 7 points to the dominating win.

With this emphatic victory, Canfield, now boasting a 13-7 record, gains momentum as they head into a crucial matchup on the road against Poland on Thursday. Meanwhile, Mooney, with a 7-10 record, will embark on a road journey for their second matchup against rival Ursuline on Wednesday.


POLAND OH- In a dramatic Monday night showdown, Mooney staged a remarkable comeback on the road, overcoming a fourth-quarter deficit to secure a thrilling 38-34 victory against Poland. The Cardinals displayed resilience and determination, snatching a hard-fought win in the closing moments.

Leading the charge for Mooney was Sophia Diorio, who delivered an impressive 15-point performance. Katie Pregibon contributed significantly with 14 points, and Sam Rotunno added 5 points to round out the Cardinals’ offensive efforts.

Poland, despite a valiant effort, found themselves on the wrong side of the scoreboard. Elliana Thompson and Leanne Williams each contributed 14 points to the Bulldogs’ offensive showcase.

With this noteworthy win, Mooney’s record stands at 7-9, and they look ahead to their next challenge on Monday as they hit the road to face Canfield. On the other side, Poland (11-7) aims to regroup and return to conference play with a road matchup against Struthers on Monday.


By Michael Ginocchi 

Youngstown, OH-
The Cardinal Mooney boys’ basketball team encountered a formidable challenge when they hosted the East Golden Bears. East came it with an 7-6, 0-4 record inside the Steel Valley Conference, but had played teams close. As expected, the game went down to the wire and Mooney escaped with a thrilling 56-53 win.


Ashton O’Brien made a significant impact for Mooney as they relied on him heavily for offense. He led the way with 23 big points. Jibri Carter demonstrated exceptional composure in handling the pressure thrown at him by East. He finished with 16 while shooting a solid 6/8 from the free throw line. The Golden Bears effectively contained Rocco Turner, limiting him to just 6 points.


Despite key players being in foul trouble throughout the game, East still managed to compete with their physical play. Isaiah McCray showcased his status as one of the area’s top players by scoring 22 points, including three three-pointers. Unfortunately,  McCray fouled out during the game’s final minutes. Cam Sly was also in foul trouble most of the night and only finished with 6 points. Jared Colon finished with 7 off the bench. Colon made a good effort to tie the game at the buzzer by throwing up a shot from just inside half court, but his attempt fell short.


With the win, Mooney improves to 11-4 (1-1 SVC) on the season. The Cardinals will have another tough game at hand on Friday when they travel to Chaney. East drops to 7-7 (0-5 SVC)  with the loss. The Golden Bears will be back in action Friday at East Liverpool.



YOUNGSTOWN, OH- In a thrilling matchup that kept fans on the edge of their seats, the Boardman girls’ basketball team soared to victory against Cardinal Mooney High School with a decisive score of 53-39. The clash between these two rivals showcased the Spartans’ prowess and determination on the court.

From the opening tip-off, it was evident that both teams came prepared to battle for supremacy. However, it was the Spartans who seized control early on, setting the tone for the game with their relentless offensive and defensive efforts.

The scoreboard tells a story of resilience and teamwork for Boardman High School. Throughout the game, they displayed remarkable cohesion and balanced scoring, with four players reaching double figures. Leading the charge was freshman sensation Mikayla Rivera, whose stellar performance off the bench saw her net 12 crucial points, including a flawless 5-5 from the free-throw line.

Mackenzie Riccitelli showcased her all-around skills, contributing 11 points along with an impressive 5 steals, demonstrating her impact on both ends of the court. Meanwhile, Sarah Bero’s commanding presence in the paint yielded 10 points and 7 rebounds, showcasing her versatility and determination.

Despite battling foul trouble, Ava Freeborough showcased her shooting prowess, tallying 10 points, including two crucial three-pointers that ignited the Spartans’ offense. M.C. Werth exhibited grit and determination, adding 4 hard-earned points to the team’s tally.

Contributions came from all corners of the roster, with Sam Duble and Tori Strines each sinking key three-pointers to keep the momentum in favor of the Spartans. Their collective effort and unwavering resolve propelled Boardman High School to a well-deserved victory, marking another milestone in their impressive season.

With this triumph, the Spartans improve to an impressive 12-4 record for the season, reaffirming their status as a force to be reckoned with in the league. As they return home, their sights are set on the next challenge as they prepare to face the Austintown Fitch Falcons in a highly anticipated showdown between the top two teams in the AAC.

The stage is set for a captivating clash of titans, and the Spartans are calling upon their loyal supporters to pack the stands and rally behind them as they strive for greatness. Tip-off is scheduled for 2:30 PM, and the Boardman community is urged to come out in full force to cheer on their beloved team.

As the season unfolds, the Boardman girls’ basketball team continues to inspire with their indomitable spirit, unwavering determination, and relentless pursuit of excellence. With each victory, they etch their names into the annals of school history, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and supporters alike. The journey towards glory continues, and the Spartans are ready to seize every opportunity that comes their way.


By Matt Maher

GIRARD, OH – Cardinal Mooney made their way out to Girard to take on one of the top teams in the Northeast 8 on Monday night. Girard showed their skill level early on in this one but showing up so early is what allowed Mooney to figure out a game plan that would allow them to find some impressive buckets and even better defense in a 55-44 victory on the road.


The Indians scored the first 4 points of the game before Mooney hit 1-of-2 free throws from Samantha Rotunno to break the silence. Girard would continue to stay consistently on top of Mooney with 5 points from Makenzee White and 3 from Mia Malito but Mooney stayed close with 4 points from Sophia Rotunno and 2 more from Samanthantha Rotunno.


With the stage set, Mooney decided to tear it all down and came back with an even better look, a look that would net them 21 points and hold Girard to only 11. Sam Rotunno led the charge with 10 points in the quarter alone which was the most by far on her team. Caylee Wilkes and White would both score 4 points to help the Indians in their quest to keep up with the cardinals. With Rotunno catching fire and much better man-to-man defense, Cardinal Mooney set themselves up nicely for the rest of the night.


The scoring slowed down for Mooney out of the break but the good news for them was their defense reigned supreme, only allowing Girard 4 points in the quarter. Gianna Schubert found 2 points in the paint while Malito hit 2-of-2 free throws. Mooney saw Rotunno add 5 more points with two made 2’s and 1-of-2 made free throws. Sophia Diorio would also make a dent by hitting the games first and only 3 pointer. 


Girard would not back down in the 4th with a 21 point performance that helped them get close to Mooney at times but the Cardinals found more buckets as well and netted 17 more p;pints which would be enough for them to keep Girard at arms length. Samantha Rotunno added 5 more points which allowed her to finish with 23 points while Diorio added 7 points including 5-of 6 made free throws. 


While Girard found their second wind in the 4th it came too late as Cardinal Mooney had done enough to top the Indians and send them to Thursday with another loss. Cardinal Mooney (6-8) are back home on January 24th when they take on the red hot Boardman Spartans at 7:00PM while Girard (8-8) will stay at home for another big conference game when they host Struthers on January 25th at 6:15PM.