**Girard Sets Up NE8 Championship Opportunity With Convincing Victory Over Hubbard**

Girard took a significant step towards securing a share of the NE8 championship with a commanding sweep of Hubbard on Tuesday evening. The sets concluded with scores of 25-17, 25-13, and 25-13, demonstrating Girard’s prowess on the court.

The Girard team showcased impressive individual performances.  Bree Latell emerged as a dominant offensive force, amassing an outstanding 18 kills that proved instrumental in Girard’s victory. Her powerful spikes kept the opposition on the defensive.

**Bailey Walters** exhibited her versatility, contributing 9 kills along with an impressive 25 assists. Her role in orchestrating the team’s offense was vital to their success.

The serving game was a key asset for Girard, with Bailey Walters, Bree Latell, and Kylie Carpenter making significant contributions, amassing 13, 11, and 9 service points, respectively. Latell demonstrated her prowess from the service line with 5 aces, while Walters added 4 aces to her all-around performance. On the defensive end, Alexis Pieton displayed her prowess with 3 blocks, while Brooke Perry contributed 2 blocks, making it challenging for Hubbard to find scoring opportunities. In the digging department, Kylie Carpenter recorded 8 digs, and Nico Cochran added 7, ensuring that Girard’s defense remained steadfast.

Girard’s resounding victory over Hubbard has positioned them for a crucial championship opportunity on Thursday at Lakeview.