EAST PALESTINE, OH- In the heart of football country, where passion for the game runs deep, one standout athlete has risen above the rest. Ashton O’Brien, the senior quarterback for Cardinal Mooney, recently achieved a remarkable milestone by securing the Baird Brothers Big Dog of the Year title through an astonishing vote count that surpassed the million mark. This achievement is a testament to O’Brien’s exceptional talent, leadership, and the unwavering support he enjoys from his community.

O’Brien’s journey to becoming the Big Dog of the Year has been marked by a series of outstanding performances on the field and a dedication to excellence that has set him apart. Throughout his tenure at Cardinal Mooney, O’Brien has not only exhibited exceptional quarterbacking skills but has also etched his name in the record books, leaving an indelible mark on the program.

One of the defining qualities of O’Brien’s playing style is his ability to perform under pressure. His calm demeanor in high-stakes situations has proven crucial in guiding Cardinal Mooney to multiple playoff appearances, including the most recent one in 2023. O’Brien’s leadership on the field has been a driving force behind the team’s success, instilling confidence in his teammates and earning the respect of opponents.

The Baird Brothers Big Dog of the Year vote, with over a million voices rallying behind O’Brien, reflects not only his individual achievements but also the immense pride and support of the Cardinal Mooney community. Fans, alumni, and football enthusiasts alike have recognized O’Brien’s contributions to the team and the legacy he is leaving behind.

O’Brien’s impact goes beyond statistics and records; it extends to the intangibles that make a great quarterback. His work ethic, sportsmanship, and dedication to his craft have inspired not only his teammates but also aspiring young athletes in the community. The Big Dog of the Valley honor is not just an acknowledgment of his on-field achievements but a recognition of the positive influence he has had on and off the gridiron.

Looking back at O’Brien’s career, it’s clear that his success is the result of a combination of natural talent, hard work, and a genuine love for the game. Cardinal Mooney has been fortunate to have such a stellar athlete leading their team, and O’Brien’s impact will likely be felt for years to come.

As Ashton O’Brien concludes his high school football journey, the Baird Brothers Big Dog of theYear title stands as a fitting tribute to a quarterback who has not only set records but has also won the hearts of the community. The future undoubtedly holds exciting prospects for O’Brien, and Cardinal Mooney will forever remember the quarterback who led them to victory, leaving an indomitable legacy in the storied history of their football program.