LOWELLVILLE OH- When talking to Lowellville head coach Lisa Modelski before the start of the season, the biggest thing she wanted to see out of her team was consistent confidence.  But where does confidence come from? Usually it starts with a captain, the point, the tip of the sword, the player who you know no matter what the situation may be, expects to perform.  For Lowellville that driving force is Savannah Procick.  She is without a doubt one of the stand out leaders of the Rockets team, and that’s because she has experience leading all kinds of different avenues.  Savannah leads on the volleyball court, she leads on the track, she leads an entire fanbase while she cheers, and she leads a basketball team.

Procick gained a huge source of confidence at the end of last season when the Rockets traveled to Badger in a tournament game. The odds were not in their favor. Badger was a favorite to not just win that game, but run away with the entire bracket.  The Rockets though never heard the odds. Savannah Procick didn’t get that memo.  They stormed the gates in Badger and came up with a huge overtime upset.  That proved to everyone who was returning on that roster that they could square up with anyone.  It also taught Procick to keep driving against the odds.

Procick took the time to tell us more about her busy athletic life. She sat down with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig for our latest Lowellville Girls Basketball Player Profile.  They talk about balancing all the sports she plays, how she has grown into such a strong leader, and so much more! Don’t miss this great interview exclusively on YSN!


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