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CANFIELD OH- Canfield is in the middle of an impressive season.  The Cardinals have have washed through their tough schedule and currently have a one loss record.  There are players who can beat you throughout the entire Canfield roster.  Keeping everyone steady and solid is Kate Sahli.  In a room full of lock down shooters, Kate is a drive first guard that not only can finish through contact, but can also set up their perimeter shooters by collapsing the defense.

Sahli is one of many senior leaders that the Cardinals have in their program. She brings her own form of leadership to the locker room, and is one of the biggest reasons that Canfield sticks together.  Their program is in good hands. She’ll leave an impact on the younger players that will carry on the success after Sahli and the rest of the seniors graduate.

Sahli took the time to sit down with Anthony Hartwig to talk about her senior season. They talk about the special season that the Cardinals are having, the goals that she has set for herself, and much more. Check out the newest Canfield Girls Basketball Player Profile only on YSN.

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