By Ty Bartell

Since the inception of The MLB Draft League, the main goal has been to get players into
the next level. Following the conclusion of the first half in the 2023 season, The Draft League saw an impressive 47 players get drafted into MLB organizations, with dozens more being signed as undrafted free agents!

For The Mahoning Valley Scrappers, seven current or former players saw their dreams come true. Some familiar faces of the first half will no longer be present with Mahoning Valley, taking their next step on the long stairway of their ultimate goal! We here at Your Sports Network wish the best of luck to the following players as they continue their journey to the big leagues!

RHP Hayden Minton (‘22 Scrapper) → 9th round pick by The Detroit Tigers.

1B Jack Moss → 11th round pick by The Cincinnati Reds.

C Cole Conn → 12th round pick by The Oakland Athletics.

LHP Jack Sellinger → 14th round pick by The Miami Marlins.

RHP Cale Lansville → 14th round pick by The San Francisco Giants. RHP Zane Barnhart → 17th round pick by The Baltimore Orioles.

3B Brian Kalmer (‘22 Scrapper) → 18th round pick by The Chicago Cubs.

Of course, the excitement does not stop there, as four additional players found new homes with major league organizations, being signed as undrafted free agents. We also want to wish the best of luck to the following signees!

RHP Ruddy Gomez → Contract purchased by The San Diego Padres

RHP Jake Bockenstedt → Contract purchased by The Chicago White Sox

RHP Ben Thompson (22’ Scrapper) → Contract purchased by The Los Angeles Angels

3B Jarrod Belbin → Contract purchased by The Seattle Mariners

An incredible first half it was and an exciting second half to come! As always, catch all Scrappers home games on YSN, your streaming home of The Mahoning Valley Scrappers!