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PEPPER PIKE OH- No matter what sport you’re talking about, or what team you watch, everyone needs a strong captain. Ice hockey is no exception. With Orange, hockey is a sport that is tracking more and more interest inside the school system. This has to do with the team’s success for sure, but the team wouldn’t be successful with out the steadfast captains that it features. One of those captains is Max Sigel.

Max runs the middle of the lions formation. He gets the opportunity to contribute to his teams in many different ways. Yes he can score himself, after the first 6 games he had already acquired 4 goals, but he also is a solid passer. In fact Max says that passing has always been a passion of his.  It’s an art form to be able to pass well on the ice. Max has definitely put in the work to be an artist with the assists. Along with those 4 goals in the first 6 matches, Sigel also had 8 assists.  That means he had his hand in 12 goals.  You mix all of that with his exceptional defense, and his in unwavering positive attitude and you get a captain fit to steer any team to victory.

Max was kind enough to come on to YSN’s Running Point last week to talk about his ice hockey career at Orange. He chatted with Anthony Hartwig and Scotty Mincher about his passion for the sport, who some of his role models are, and much more. Don’t miss the latest hockey player profile from Orange only on YSN!

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