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There’s a youth movement happening in East Palestine.  As the next wave of Bulldog stars moves into the spotlight, there’s new names, new faces, and new responsibilities.  For this year’s Bulldogs, it’s been a transition year across the board.  Above it all, the Bulldogs have remained competitive.

For Freshman, Cooper Vance, it’s been worth the wait.  Vance’s skill set is that of someone 3-4 years older, with the temperament to coincide.  Vance has a slow heartbeat in big moments and has become a solid option in the Bulldog lineup.  With names like Sherry, Darlington, Figley, and Posey that have been household names for the past 4 years- Cooper seeks their wisdom, and stamp of approval as much as those seniors seek Vance’s ability to carry the torch with his teammates over the next four years.

YSN’s Dan Figley sits down with a young man who between him and his teammates, give Bulldog Nation a reason to celebrate now- with excitement for the future.  Our East Palestine Basketball Player Profile for this week: VANCE’S CHANCE.




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