Division 1


By Chris Colucci

COLUMBUS OH- It’s disappointing to learn that Marky Stankorb faced defeat in both of his matches at the state tournament. In his first match, he contended valiantly against Alex Taylor of Mount Vernon ranked 4th in the state, was edged out by a narrow margin with a 4-2 decision. Despite his best efforts, Marky couldn’t secure the win. His second match against Cliff Nicholson of Medina followed a similar pattern, with Cliff emerging victorious with a 6-2 decision.  Stankorbs season comes to an end and hope for the best as he goes to the collegiate level.

Division 2

Entering Division 2 with the largest contingent of wrestlers under our coverage is a remarkable achievement, reflecting the dedication and talent within our team. With 23 kids stepping onto the mats, anticipation was high, and our wrestlers did not disappoint. Out of this formidable group, an impressive 19 have secured their spots for tomorrow’s matches, showcasing their skill and determination. This dominance not only speaks volumes about the depth of our team but also sets a strong foundation for our performance in the upcoming rounds.


In the heat of competition, the first match often sets the tone for the day. For eight of our wrestlers – Tristan Eckles, Bobby Buchheit, Adam Heckman, Tyler Scharrer, Jonathan Bissell, Ryan Chafins, Aiden Stecker, and Isaac Griffith – victory in their opening bouts meant an early conclusion to their matches for the day. Their ability to secure swift wins underscores their readiness and preparation, setting a high standard for the team.


However, wrestling is a sport that demands resilience in the face of adversity. For those who stumbled in their initial matches, the journey wasn’t over. Nine wrestlers – Justice Fisher, Cody Carpenter, Kaiden Barker, Colton Rhoads, Joey Kana, Kyle Vencill, Gabe Morgan, Gabe Miller, Christopher Mijavec, and Nick Bowser – demonstrated remarkable grit, bouncing back to claim victories and secure their spots for tomorrow’s matches. Their ability to overcome setbacks speaks volumes about their determination and fighting spirit, setting the stage for an exciting continuation of the competition.

Division 3

In Division 3 wrestling, our team faced both triumphs and challenges, with a total of 7 wrestlers competing. Despite the smaller size of our group, the majority displayed impressive skill and determination, with 5 out of the 7 wrestlers securing victories in their first matches. This remarkable achievement not only demonstrates the talent within our team but also highlights the strength of their preparation and execution on the mats. For Jermaine Watson, Tyson Seesholtz, Gabe Blissenbach, Keegan Sell, Scotty Edwards, and Dallas McCracken, their successful performances in their opening matches have earned them a well-deserved rest, as they eagerly await tomorrow’s matches.


However, wrestling is a sport where challenges are inevitable, and unfortunately, two of our wrestlers, Dominic Kemble and Johnny Bailey, faced setbacks in both of their matches, bringing their season to an end. While their journey may have concluded for this season, their efforts and dedication throughout the competition are commendable. Their resilience in facing tough opponents serves as a testament to their character and commitment to the sport. As they reflect on their experiences and look towards the future, they can take pride in their contributions to the team and use this as motivation for future endeavors.

Girls Division

In the Girls Division of wrestling, our teams showcased their prowess and determination with a total of 12 wrestlers competing. The majority of our wrestlers, 8 in total, displayed exceptional skill and tenacity, securing victories in their matches earning themselves a well-deserved spot to continue competing tomorrow. The triumphs not only highlight their individual talents but also reflect the collective strength of our team, demonstrating our dedication to excellence on the mat. Additionally, 3 of our wrestlers faced initial setbacks but showed remarkable resilience, bouncing back to win their second matches and extend their tournament journey into tomorrow. Their ability to overcome adversity underscores the fighting spirit that defines our team and sets the stage for further success as we progress in the competition.


However, amidst the victories and comebacks, there was one wrestler, Sloane McNally, who faced a tougher day on the mats, losing both of her matches. While her journey in this tournament may have ended sooner than hoped, Sloane’s efforts and perseverance throughout the competition are commendable. Her determination to compete at the highest level serves as an inspiration to her teammates and a reminder of the challenges inherent in the sport. As we move forward, Sloane’s resilience will undoubtedly contribute to the team’s collective resolve, as we continue to strive for success in the Girls Division of wrestling.