COLUMBIANA OH- Anyone who watches volleyball in the tri county area understands how talented Crestview is. The roster is loaded with high level volleyball players. But even with all the talent in the world, you still need a leader. For the Rebels that has been senior Grace Auer. Grace is arguably the most well rounded volleyball player that’s ever come through the area.  Have there been better hitters? Maybe. Have there been better setters? Perhaps. Could you find better passers in the long past of area volleyball? Probably.  However good luck finding someone who is elite at all three skills.  Grace in her career at Crestview has amassed 1,000 kills, 1,000 assists, and 1,000 digs.  Our research suggests that she’s the only volleyball player to come through our area to do that.

Grace has meant the world to her team because of her versatility.  Whether it’s putting balls away, setting up the other good hitters, or getting the Rebels in system there is so much that Rebels would not be able to do without Auer’s help.

On the season Grace has finished with 370 kills, and averaged 4.5 per set.  On the setting side she gathered 473 assists.  When it comes to defense, Grace dug up 281 digs. She only made 2 digging errors all season. She is also Crestview’s Ace Queen owning every record you could own in the serving category. This year she finished with 87 assists.

Congratulations to the 2023 YSN Most Valuable Player, Crestview’s Grace Auer!