AKRON, OH- In one of the most interesting  football showdowns you’ll see, the Chaney Cowboys clashed with Akron East in a game that kept fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle (and over the course of two days.) The final score, 14-13 in favor of Akron East, highlighted the intensity and drama that unfolded on the field. The game kicked off with a surge of energy as Chaney’s Matt Jones bulldozed his way 19 yards into the endzone, powered by a successful kick from Drew Gault. This early touchdown placed the Cowboys in the lead, 7-0. Akron East swiftly countered as Ibraheem Kamakra embarked on an impressive 47-yard run to find the endzone with just 1 minute and 27 seconds remaining in the first quarter. Kamara’s successful kick tied the game at 7-7.

The second quarter saw Akron East seizing control. Ziare Stevens electrified the crowd with a remarkable 70-yard dash, giving his team the lead for the first time at 14-7. However, the game was temporarily halted due to inclement weather, ultimately leading to a postponement. The next afternoon, with determination ablaze, Chaney returned to the field with hopes of staging a comeback and securing a victorious start to their season.

The fourth quarter marked the decisive moment of the game. Matt Jones, displaying his prowess once more, surged into the endzone for his second touchdown, with just 1 minute and 44 seconds left on the game clock. With the score now 14-13 in favor of Akron East, Coach Seth Antram and the Cowboys decided to go for the two-point conversion, a daring move that ultimately fell short.

As the final moments ticked away, the clock expired, and the Cowboys found themselves agonizingly close to victory. The scoreboard read 14-13, with Akron East emerging as the victors in a hard-fought battle. Despite Chaney’s valiant efforts, the day would not yield their first win of the season.