HOWLAND OH- As the Howland girls basketball team embarks on a journey filled with redemption and resilience, senior standout Jessie DeSalvo emerges as a beacon of strength and determination. After a season devoid of seniors just a year ago, DeSalvo and her teammates returned with a renewed sense of purpose, driven by the valuable lessons learned from the challenges of the past.

For DeSalvo, basketball is not just a sport but a cherished family affair. Playing alongside her sister Jamie during the formative years of her career, DeSalvo honed her skills and developed into the exceptional player she is today. The bond forged on the court with her sister served as a catalyst for personal growth and athletic excellence, shaping DeSalvo’s journey in profound ways.

However, amidst the triumphs and trials of her basketball career, DeSalvo faced an unexpected hurdle with the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Despite the initial struggle, DeSalvo embraced this new reality with unwavering courage, drawing strength from the unwavering support of her family and teammates. Rather than allowing diabetes to hinder her dreams, DeSalvo transformed adversity into an opportunity for growth, emerging not only as a resilient athlete but also as an inspiration to her peers.

On the court, DeSalvo’s contributions have been instrumental in propelling Howland towards success, culminating in a showdown for the district championship against Copley. Her tenacity, skill, and leadership have served as the driving force behind the team’s impressive journey, with each game showcasing her unwavering dedication to her craft.

Despite averaging 6.4 points per game this season, DeSalvo’s impact transcends mere statistics, as she embodies the spirit of perseverance and excellence that defines the Howland Tigers. As her senior year unfolds, DeSalvo remains steadfast in her commitment to leading her team to victory, determined to savor every moment on the court and cherish the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

As she continues to write the final chapter of her high school basketball career, DeSalvo remains resolute in her pursuit of success, fueled by a relentless desire to win and a commitment to making every game count. With her sights set on tournament glory, DeSalvo epitomizes the heart and soul of the Howland Tigers, inspiring her teammates and fans alike with her unwavering passion and unyielding determination.

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