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The word huff is believed to have originated in the late 1500’s. It imitates the sound of blowing (sounds like puff) and is believed to be related to the word. Huff can mean to expel (release) air quickly, much like someone does when they are angry.


So, it’s no surprise the aptly named, Dylan Huff is having no problem in his career blowing by defenses with his speed, agility, and hands to boot.  Giving Defensive Coordinators fits across Ohio (and West Virginia.)

No matter what Dylan does, he does it well.  He’s humble, thoughtful, calculated, and talented beyond measure.  A multi-sport star for the Rebs now into his Senior year, Huff takes a few minutes with our Dimitri Gregory to reflect on what has been, and what’s to come.

Our Crestview Player Profile PROUDLY presented by NDC Heating and Cooling is Dylan Huff: HUFFING BY THE OPPOSITION.

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