EAST PALESTINE, OH – The shot clock being added to professional basketball was one of the better inventions of all time in my opinion, but in regards to high schools becoming the next in line to adopt them, I think they need to stay away. Now I know there are plenty of reasons why it would be beneficial but at the same time, there are plenty of negatives as well. This plan just does not seem feasible to me at the current moment.

The two biggest reasons why a shot clock would help, in my opinion, are that the pace of play will become increased which will prevent teams from “stalling” on the offensive side of the ball and a shot clock will help prepare those players who are moving on to the collegiate level a little bit better. To me though, the negatives to a shot clock are what will prevent these from coming to fruition in the coming year.

The biggest negative in my opinion is that the clock itself will cost a significant amount of money to install in the gyms of these schools plus you will be requiring these schools to have an operator for the games. Another negative is that a shot clock takes out a very important part of the game, “stalling.” Now I know I said that it is a positive as well, but that is. because certain teams are structured to where they run and gun as their. primary game plan so that “stalling” technique is only going to hinder them throughout a game, but at the same time, when you are a grind it out type of team or maybe even an overmatched team, “stalling” is going to become a significant part of your game plan to try to limit the damage the other team can cause in the course of the game.

At the end of the day there is always two sides to each argument, but as a small school basketball coach, I am not in favor of the shot clock.