MCDONALD OH- It has been a wild journey for Bri McCombs of McDonald. Not many pitchers in their high school career get to say they experienced all of the following during their high school career. Learning from a future college pitcher, carrying a huge load of innings for their team, and being a part of a one two punch. That is exactly how McCombs can describe her career so far as a Blue Devil. She spent time under Bri Callow who was one of the most dominant pitchers in the entire area while she was at McDonald, last year Bri led the Devils in innings pitched by far, and now this year with the addition of Bella O’Brien to the roster, Bri is able to be a part of a versatile pitching staff that can hit you from multiple angles.

Although her role has changed multiple times throughout the years, one thing has never changed. That is Bri’s commitment and work ethic to be great. She is never satisfied with where she is at and always raising the bar to get better. That’s how she managed to step into the ace mentality that McDonald needed last season, and find a ton of success doing it.

In 21.0 IP this season McCombs has worked an ERA of 0.33.  She has only given up 1 earned run so far this spring, while striking out 42, and only walking 5.  At the plate McCombs is hitting .258 with 9 RBI.  She has drawn 11 walks which cranks her on base percentage up to .452.

McCombs took the time to join YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to talk about her career so far at McDonald. They also discuss the different roles she’s had on the team, how she keeps that ace mentality, and much more. Check out the latest McDonald Softball Player Profile only on YSN!

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