CANFIELD, OH- In a recent episode of the Player Profile, the spotlight was on Dante Moore, a talented player from the Little Raiders football team. The episode provided listeners with an exclusive look into the life of this dynamic player and his aspirations both on and off the field.

Dante, known for his remarkable skills as a guard and defensive end, is a vital asset to the Raider family. With his team on a quest for a state title, Dante’s experience as a Super Bowl champion has prepared him for the challenges that lie ahead. When asked about the significance of being a champion, he expressed his gratitude, recognizing the rare opportunity it presents.

Drawing parallels to his family’s involvement in athletics, Dante reiterated the strong bond he shares with his teammates. He particularly enjoys the physicality of the game, reveling in the opportunity to hit opponents play after play. His enthusiasm for contact echoes the sentiment of the coaching staff, who undoubtedly appreciate his hard-hitting approach.

Outside of football, Dante enjoys spending time outdoors and engaging in activities like basketball. As an avid player, he even goes the extra mile, lowering the hoop and showcasing his dunking skills. His favorite dunk? The windmill is a move that undoubtedly showcases his athleticism and love for excitement.

Being part of the South Range Raider community holds immense meaning to Dante. He appreciates the close-knit environment where everyone is familiar with each other, creating a sense of family within the school. This sense of belonging fuels his motivation to succeed both on and off the field.

Devoted to his family, Dante acknowledges the support and guidance he receives from his parents. His father, in particular, plays a pivotal role in shaping his mindset for games, and practices, and understanding his role on the team. His mother also contributes by assisting with household responsibilities, allowing Dante to focus on his passion for football.

Looking ahead, Dante dreams of pursuing a career in sports. With aspirations of attending a reputable college on an athletic scholarship, he hopes to continue playing at a higher level. While he remains open to exploring different fields of study, his interest in science stands out, despite acknowledging the challenges it presents.

When it comes to his preferred fuel for game day, Dante’s answer is classic and fitting for an offensive lineman – the cheeseburger. His perfect burger involves ketchup, mustard, cheese, lettuce, onions, and, of course, a juicy patty. And to complete the meal, he indulges in the ever-popular side of fries. When asked about his favorite fast food joint, Dante’s response was Sonic, where he treats himself to a variety of delicious offerings, including sweet tea.

As the podcast episode concluded, DJ Yokley expressed his appreciation for Dante’s time and shared a light-hearted moment, inquiring about his Halloween costume. Dante revealed his plans to dress up as a Fall Guy, donning a blue ensemble for the festive occasion.

With his talent, dedication, and vibrant personality, Dante Moore is undoubtedly a rising star within the Little Raiders community. Raider fans eagerly anticipate his future accomplishments on the gridiron and beyond.