POLAND OH- Consistency is key to building a quality program. Poland volleyball has struggled to find stability when it comes to their coaching staff this decade.  They may have finally found it though in Aleah Diamond who enters her third season as head coach of the program.  You’ll be able to start to see her philosophy, culture, and personality reflect in her team’s play.  Poland will battle all season long in a tough NE8.  They’re a team that is on the cusp of being a serious threat to the top.

Coach Diamond was able to join us on YSN’s Running Point this week to help us preview the upcoming season. She talked to Ty Bartell, and Anthony Hartwig about the building of a culture in the program, what she has enjoyed most about being the head coach over the last 3 seasons, and much more. The Dogs bite is bigger than their bark, so get ready for it with Episode 1 of Coach’s Corner with Aleah Diamond.

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