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CANFIELD, OH – When you think about the 2020-2021 South Range boys basketball team, many might begin to think of all the great players that wear the uniform, some might think of the coaching staff, and others might think of the true leaders that have stepped foot on the South Range hardwood and have been able to lead the Raiders to success this year. Others might think about how it has been the ability to instill a mindset of taking this season day by day and pieces the little things together because at the end of the day, the Raiders know that winning in the little aspects of the game will lead to big success in the long term. The way this day-by-day mindset is built is by having great senior leadership and a passion or drive to do whatever it takes to win no matter what the situation is. No one embodies that concept more than senior guard, Luke Crumbacher.

Luke is currently in the middle of his senior season and by no means is he willing to let the season end. His leadership and play have led the Raiders to a high seed for the tournament but he does not want it to end there! By Crumbacher’s ability to lead by example on the hardwood, he is able to bring all his teammates together and get them on the same page to get focused to go to “work” with each other every single night. Luke is not only able to showcase his own talents on the floor, he is also able to be a vocal leader and by doing so he is always the loudest player in the gym. Whether that is talking on defense to help get everyone in the right positions and get a stop, cheering on his teammates when he is on the sideline getting a breather, or even celebrating on the floor when someone makes a big shot! When talking to Luke, he is always the first to give his teammates credit and truly believes in the team-first mentality as he supports all his teammates and always gives them credit for helping him succeed on the court as well as helping the team achieve greatness as well!

YSN’s own, DJ Yokley, had the opportunity to talk with Luke this week via video chat to discuss the Raiders current season, what his goals are for this season, how COVID has affected him and his senior season, what his plans are for the OHSAA tournament, and much more!

Take some time and check out this exclusive player profile with South Range Raiders senior basketball star, Luke Crumbacher!

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