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Orwell, OH- This game got off to a slow start as both teams exchanged punts in the first quarter, we finally got our first piece of action in the second quarter where Sammy Goforth (#7) recovered a fumble setting up Grand Valley inside the 10-yard line. Just a few plays later John Foss-Peters (#13) was able to punch the ball in from the 1-yard line giving the Mustangs an early lead, 7-0 against Crestwood. The Red Devils would respond instantly with a 67-yard reception, as quarterback Charlie Summer (#3) found receiver Wyatt Januska (#4) in the endzone, and the Red Devils went for the 2pt conversion with a hand off to running back Nate Blasiole. At halftime the Red Devils led 8-7.

A few minutes had passed in the second half, but Grand Valley was back on the board, when John Foss-Peters found the back of the endzone again on a 3-yard run with the 2-point conversion being no good. The Mustangs had the lead 13-8, only for Wyatt Januska (#4) to take the following kickoff 75 yards to the house for a quick answer, and that put the Red Devils back up top 14-13. However, Grand Valley wasn’t done in the 3rd quarter, running back Andrew Soltis (#26) scored off a 6-yard rush, with the 2-point conversion being successful, scored by Aidan Baker.

With 9:31 left in the 4th quarter Crestwood brought receiver Wyatt Januska (#4) on a jet sweep to the right, where he found launched the ball down field to brother A.J Januska (#8) for a 43-yard touchdown pass and the 2-point conversion was successful, scored by Bryce Giel (#6). With the score now 22-21 in favor of Crestwood, Grand Valley was moving the ball downfield, when they were faced with a 4th and long. The Mustangs were lined up in punt formation, the ball was snapped, and Sammy Goforth (#7) took off running left, when Aidan Baker (#21) got open, and Goforth (#7) delivered a beautiful pass on 4th down to keep the drive alive. The same drive Goforth (#7) found senior wide receiver Jerry Schultz on a 16-yard reception give put the Mustangs back up top, 27-22 with the 2-point conversion being no good. Crestwood then got the ball back and was able to waste enough time on the clock before running back Nate Blasiole (#2) found the back of the endzone on a 6-yard run and giving Crestwood the lead 28-27. Grand Valley had one more drive, but failed to convert on 4th and 10, they turned the ball over and Crestwood kneeled the ball to end the game.


MENTOR OH- Campbell’s volleyball team etched their name into the program’s history books with a resounding victory in the sectional finals, securing their first-ever ticket to the district tournament. They did so in style, sweeping Warren JFK with set scores of 25-13, 25-20, and 25-20.

The triumph was a collective effort, with standout performances from various players. Cyra Cross and Elysia Rudolphi showcased their serving prowess, each recording 2 aces to keep the scoreboard ticking. Kendall Brunn led the offensive charge with an impressive 12 kills, while MiLeena Williams and Cyra Cross added 8 and 4, respectively. The defensive line was held strong by Kendall Brunn and Angeliz Diaz, each contributing 2 crucial blocks. Carla Ramirez Ortiz orchestrated the team’s plays, tallying an impressive 29 assists. In the backline, Cyra Cross and Angeliz Diaz were instrumental in preserving the rallies with 7 and 6 digs, respectively.

On the opposing side, Warren JFK displayed their own strengths. Jasmine Ridley stood out with 2 aces, while Hannah Myers delivered 6 crucial kills. Danielle Wickham served as the team’s playmaker with 11 assists, and Aniyah Johnson demonstrated her blocking prowess with 4 crucial blocks. Jasmine Ridley was a standout in the digging department, registering a remarkable 17 digs.

With this victory, Campbell’s volleyball journey advances to the district semifinals, where they will face the formidable top-seeded Mentor Lake Catholic. The showdown is scheduled for Wednesday at 6:00 at Grand Valley High School.


CAMPBELL, OH – Jordan Craft and Alex Doyle, both sophomores at Campbell Memorial High School, have quickly become key figures on the Red Devils football team. Jordan Craft, as a defensive tackle, has showcased his raw talent and dedication, proving himself to be a force on the field. Craft’s tenacity and unwavering commitment to his position have made him a standout player, consistently disrupting opposing offenses and earning the respect of his teammates and coaches. Meanwhile, Alex Doyle, a versatile sophomore who plays as both a wide receiver and defensive back, has exhibited remarkable athleticism and a deep understanding of the game. His speed and agility make him a potent threat on the offensive end, while his defensive skills have made him an invaluable asset for the team. Together, Craft and Doyle exemplify the resilience and promise of the Red Devils, setting the stage for what is sure to be an exciting future for Campbell Memorial football.




CAMPBELL OH- Campbell Memorial’s volleyball team set the tone for their tournament run with a convincing victory over conference rival Liberty. The win marked the third time this year that Campbell prevailed over their opponent, displaying their consistent dominance on the court. The match ended with set scores of 25-10, 25-21, and 25-20.

Campbell Memorial’s players showcased their skills and teamwork throughout the game, resulting in a well-deserved win. Cyra Cross led the charge with an impressive 6 aces, while Angeliz Diaz and Elysia Rudolphi contributed 4 and 3 aces, respectively, ensuring a strong service game. The offensive duties were spread across the team, with Kendall Brunn, MiLeena Williams, and Cyra Cross all tallying 8 kills, and Angeliz Diaz chipping in with 6 kills. Kendall Brunn also made her presence felt with 2 blocks, displaying her defensive capabilities. Carla Ramirez Ortiz orchestrated the team’s offense with 27 assists, showcasing her playmaking skills.

In the backcourt, the team’s defense was impressive, with Angeliz Diaz and Cyra Cross contributing 13 digs each. Jayda Coriano and Carla Ramirez Ortiz added 11 digs each, and Gabriela Villanueva Santos completed the solid defensive effort with 10 digs.

Campbell advances to play Warren JFK on Thursday in the sectional finals. That game will be at 6:00 at Mentor Lake Catholic.



LEAVITTSBURG, OH – The crisp autumn air carried the excitement of Friday night lights as the LaBrae Vikings prepared to face off against the Campbell Memorial Red Devils. The stands were filled with passionate fans, and the anticipation was palpable as the teams took the field.

The game began with a bang as the LaBrae Vikings swiftly asserted their dominance. Just minutes into the first quarter, running back Davin Derry, a true force on the field, broke free from the line of scrimmage. With impeccable speed and agility, he dashed 22 yards for a breathtaking touchdown. The crowd erupted in cheers as Max Young’s extra point sailed through the uprights, giving the Vikings an early 7-0 lead with 9:28 left in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, LaBrae continued to build on their lead. Max Young, the team’s kicker, showcased his skills with a remarkable 35-yard field goal, extending the Vikings’ lead to 10-0 with 10:51 remaining in the second quarter. The crowd’s enthusiasm grew with each successful play.

Then, the Vikings demonstrated their prowess in the passing game. Quarterback Kenny Yoho connected with wide receiver Jay McGarry on a 54-yard touchdown pass. While the extra point attempt was unsuccessful, the Vikings still led 16-0 with 7:24 left in the second quarter. The chemistry between Yoho and McGarry was undeniable, leaving the Red Devils struggling to contain LaBrae’s aerial assault.

As the second quarter wound down, Davin Derry struck again. This time, he showcased his versatility by breaking through the Red Devils’ defense and sprinting 24 yards to the end zone. With Max Young’s PAT, the Vikings now held a commanding 23-0 lead, and there was only 1:27 left in the second quarter.

The Vikings weren’t finished yet. They continued to pour on the points, and this time, it was Derry once more. With just over a minute left in the second quarter, he bulldozed his way into the end zone with a powerful 1-yard run. Max Young’s trusty leg sent the extra point right through the uprights, bringing the score to 30-0 with just 1:10 left in the second quarter. The Red Devils were left reeling, struggling to find an answer to LaBrae’s relentless offensive onslaught.

In the fourth quarter, the Vikings, now firmly in control of the game, decided to put the exclamation point on their victory. Gabe Green, another key player in their arsenal, powered through the Red Devils’ defense with a 4-yard touchdown run. Max Young’s extra point was on point yet again, and the scoreboard read 37-0 with just 5:09 left in the game.

The final whistle blew, and the LaBrae Vikings emerged as the undisputed victors. The 37-0 win was a testament to their exceptional teamwork, skill, and determination. As the players and fans celebrated this resounding victory under the Friday night lights, they knew that the LaBrae Vikings were a force to be reckoned with on the football field.


CAMPBELL, OH – Gio Felix and Demarcus Coleman are two outstanding senior athletes who have left an indelible mark on the Campbell Memorial Red Devils football team. As versatile as they are dedicated, Gio and Demarcus have proven their worth as both offensive and defensive linemen.

Gio Felix, known for his determination on the field, has been a cornerstone of the Red Devils’ lines. His blocking and work ethic have been instrumental in creating opportunities for the team’s offensive unit. Off the field, Gio takes care of business in the classroom, maintaining an impressive balance between his academic commitments and football. Demarcus Coleman’s agility, strength, and tactical prowess have made him a relentless lineman. Opponents often found themselves struggling to breach his defense, a testament to his exceptional skills. Demarcus’s dedication to perfecting his craft is evident in his relentless pursuit of improvement and his ability to read the game. Together, Gio and Demarcus have not only left a lasting impact on the Campbell Memorial Red Devils but have also set a standard of excellence for future generations of athletes in the program.




CAMPBELL, OH – Today on a very special dual player profile, Carla Ramirez Ortiz and Kendall Brunn join YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, at Tavern 26 to talk about their fantastic season this year. The Lady Red Devils finished the regular season 17-5 (10-4 in the MVAC) and are currently on a nine game winning streak! Not only that they discuss their individual successes also as Carla surpassed 2000 career assists this year and Kendall surpassed 1000 kills in her career. The girls preview their first round playoff match up with Liberty on October 17th as well!

Tune into this special dual player profile with Campbell Memorial Lady Red Devils volleyball stars, Carla Ramirez Ortiz and Kendrall Brunn!




CAMPBELL, OH – The Campbell Memorial Lady Red Devils and head coach Tyler Allen have put together quite a regular season this year. The Lady Red Devils just finished the regular season at 17-5 while going an impressive 10-4 in the Mahoning Valley Athletic Conference. Not only did they finish with a solid record, they are also on a nine game winning streak. To go along with all of that team success, Campbell Memorial has also seen two players achieve career milestones as Carla Ramirez Ortiz surpassed 2000 career assists and Kendall Brunn surpassed 1000 career kills. Up next for the Lady Red Devils will be a first round playoff match up with the Liberty Leopards at home on October 17th.

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, was able to sit down with Coach Allen this week at Tavern 26 to talk about the regular season, what all of the success and individual success means to him and his program, how he is keeping the momentum going into the playoffs, his keys to victory for the Liberty match on October 17th, and so much more!




LIBERTY OH- Campbell’s volleyball team closed out their regular season in historic fashion, notching their 17th win, setting a new benchmark in the program’s history. The Red Devils displayed their dominance with a sweep of Liberty, achieving victory with scores of 25-19, 25-18, and 25-14.

Several standout performances by Campbell players contributed to their historic achievement. Leading the charge was Kendall Brunn, who delivered an impressive 14 kills, showcasing her prowess as an offensive force on the court. MiLeena Williams also made a significant impact with 12 kills and contributed defensively with 3 blocks.

Elysia Rudolphi displayed her serving skills with 5 aces, while Angeliz Diaz added 4 aces, further solidifying Campbell’s control over the match. In the role of setter, Carla Ramirez Ortiz contributed 29 assists, emphasizing her crucial role in orchestrating the team’s offense.

Defensively, the Red Devils were anchored by Gabriela Villanueva Santos, who secured 15 digs, and Carla Ramirez Ortiz and Cyra Cross, each recording 10 digs, helping to maintain a strong backcourt.



CAMPBELL OH- In a memorable night for Campbell’s volleyball team, Kendall Brunn etched her name into the record books, reaching an incredible milestone of 1000 career kills. The Red Devils showcased their dominance in a sweeping victory over Badger, with scores of 25-19, 25-11, and 25-16.

The match was not just about the win but also the celebration of Brunn’s remarkable achievement. Her performance on the court was nothing short of spectacular, recording a staggering 27 kills, 15 of which came in the decisive third set. Brunn’s ability to find the floor with her powerful attacks has been a hallmark of her career, and this night was a testament to her consistency and skill.

Supporting Brunn’s standout performance, MiLeena Williams added 10 kills, while Cyra Cross contributed 8 kills and 2 aces. Carla Ramirez Ortiz orchestrated the offense brilliantly, amassing 45 assists to ensure her teammates were in prime scoring positions.

On the defensive front, Angeliz Diaz led the charge with 14 digs, followed by Cyra Cross with 9 and Angelis Espada with 7. The Red Devils displayed a well-rounded game, with strong serving by MiLeena Williams (4 aces) and Cyra Cross (2 aces).

As the final point was scored, securing not only the win but also a historic night for Kendall Brunn, the Red Devils celebrated not just a victory but a remarkable individual achievement. Brunn’s 1000 career kills serve as a testament to her dedication, skill, and impact on the Campbell volleyball program.