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Emily Irons is no stranger to being a leader of a team. She spent all of volleyball season as not only a senior leader, but as a setter which is the leader of the offense. Now as she transitions into basketball season she will stand as the lone senior. 

By no means is Emily the only player asked to display leadership on the team. However, there is something different about senior leadership and that’s where she stands alone. There could not be someone more prepared to take the role of the lone senior. Emily has spent years being an emotional leader of every team she’s been on. Now she says she’s coming into this season with a new mindset and is ready to get her team where they need to go. Irons treasures the opportunity to help start off a new coaching regime to a positive start and jump start the program for years to come. She thinks the fact that coach Fishel is a born and raised Raider makes him the perfect person for the job, and she’s going to give him everything she’s got in her last go around as the lone senior. 

Anthony Hartwig got the opportunity to talk with Emily after a scrimmage vs Champion. They talk about being the only senior on the team, a new mindset for the new season, and much more. Learn even more about Emily Irons with the First Lady Raider Player Profile The Lone Senior.

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