VIENNA OH- In a thrilling volleyball matchup, McDonald dominated Mathews with a decisive 3-set victory. The scores were notched at 25-5, 25-7, and 25-13, showcasing McDonald’s exceptional performance across the board.

Gianna Costantino and Julianna Krumpak were the stars of the game, each recording 7 kills that left Mathews scrambling to defend. Megan Klockner’s masterful playmaking came to the forefront as she set up an impressive 23 assists, setting the stage for her team’s success.

Costantino displayed her versatility by leading the defense as well, racking up 8 digs, while Miley Titus added 7 digs to keep the rallies alive. Klockner’s serves proved to be a game-changer, as she confidently delivered 12 service points and fired 5 aces past the opposition.

With their combined efforts, McDonald showcased their unity, skill, and determination, leaving no doubt that they were the superior team on the court. Mathews fought valiantly but couldn’t match McDonald’s prowess, resulting in a well-earned victory for the triumphant McDonald squad.