COLUMBIANA, OH-  The anticipation is mounting as the Curbstone Coaches prepare for their highly anticipated annual banquet, scheduled to take place on May 5th at Mr. Anthony’s. This year’s event promises to be the biggest yet, featuring an impressive lineup of Hall of Fame inductees and a special guest speaker from CBS Sports.

Gene Sterator, a former NFL official and current CBS Sports analyst, will take the stage as the guest speaker. With his expertise in referee analytics and extensive NFL experience, Sterator is poised to deliver compelling insights about officiating and the dynamics of the game. His address is expected to be particularly engaging given the current landscape of sports, including Ohio’s sports betting developments.

Attendees can anticipate an evening of celebration and recognition as the Curbstone Coaches honor a distinguished group of inductees, including Sean Durkin, Terry O’Halloran, Joe Harmon, Bob Larica, Bill Metzinger, Bret Powell, Cheryl Weaver, Ken Kimmerer, and Kelly Pavlick, among others.

The banquet serves as the Curbstone Coaches’ sole fundraiser for the year, supporting various charitable initiatives. With a range of ticket and advertising options available, community members and businesses alike have the opportunity to contribute and show their support for the organization’s charitable efforts.

Bob Camardo, one of the hosts of the YSN podcast “Catching the Curb,” assures attendees that the banquet promises an enjoyable evening for all. The dress code is flexible, and tickets can be purchased individually or as part of a table. With a sumptuous buffet, captivating speeches, and recognitions from the city of Youngstown and the state of Ohio, the night is set to be unforgettable for sports enthusiasts and supporters of the honorees.

As the event approaches, the Curbstone Coaches extend an invitation to the community to join them in celebrating the outstanding contributions of these sports figures and supporting the organization’s charitable endeavors. With the promise of an enriching evening and the opportunity to recognize local sports legends, the Curbstone Coaches banquet aims to be a highlight of the spring social calendar.

In addition to the banquet excitement, the latest episode of the YSN podcast, “CATCHING THE CURB WITH BOB CAMARDO,” offers listeners an inside look at the Curbstone Coaches’ upcoming speaker lineup and highlights from recent events.

Hosted by DJ Yokley and featuring special guest Chuck Fizet, the episode delves into personal experiences and camaraderie fostered by a mutual love for sports. Fizet emphasizes the organization’s website,, as a valuable resource for event information and details about supported charities.

Listeners are treated to an exclusive preview of esteemed speakers scheduled for upcoming events, including YSU bowling coach Doug Kaburski, 21 sports anchor Brittany Bissell, and former NBA and NCAA official Joe DeRosa. The diverse lineup promises engaging stories and insights for all.