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BELOIT OH- If you watch high school sports long enough, you’ll have the privilege to see many athletes grow in to leaders over the course of their career. Usually it happens over the course of four years, and you finally see the athlete be the leader they were born to be when they get into their senior season. However there are those special cases where whether it be because of a natural gift to lead, or circumstances demand it younger players show their worth with tremendous leadership before they even become upperclassmen.  For West Branch softball, they did not have to wait long to see Addi Craven step in to the shoes of being a leader. After graduating a ton of talent a season ago, Addi quickly becomes one of the more experienced players on the roster and she’s only a sophomore.  Addi has never backed down from a challenge, and being a big leader for this young roster is no different.  She’s taken the standard that she was taught by last season’s seniors and has run with it to share with this young Warriors roster.  While she knows she still has room to grow herself, she has done a great job helping the Warriors team grow into their own potential.

Craven is putting up some fantastic numbers in her second season with the Warriors. She is currently hitting .447 on the year in 12 games played.  Her on base percentage is even higher sitting at .542.  Addi has hit 4 triples, 3 doubles and has knocked in 14 RBI.  Nobody has been more productive on the team.  She has also drawn 7 walks on the season, and has scored 12 times.

Craven took the time to have a conversation with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to talk about her season. They talk about being under the legendary coach Woods, how she found love for the sport of softball, and so much more. Check out the latest West Branch Softball Player Profile only on YSN!

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