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Salem Senior, Ellie Davidson has been known to have a fiery side on the basketball court.  With her aggressiveness that has been passed down from her siblings (she is one of 9) Ellie has learned not to take too much grief from anybody, no matter what size they are.

Davidson serves as the team’s anchor when it comes to leadership and course-bearing.  During the West Branch game, Davidson just grew frustrated with losing to the Lady Warriors throughout her career, and at halftime during their final matchup, she drew the line in the sand.  “We’re not losing this game.” Davidson proclaimed.  Her teammates followed, and for the first time in nearly a decade, Salem defeated their arch-rivals.


The aggressiveness that Ellie shows isn’t about to just go away.  Ellie looks to utilize her love for contact with a degree from Kent State with a path toward criminal justice and hopes to someday work with a federal agency of some type.

We sat down with the Quaker Captain for this week’s Salem Basketball Player Profile: ELL’ ON WHEELS.


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