COLUMBIANA OH- With a surname steeped in the rich tradition of Crestview’s volleyball legacy, sophomore Lainy Auer has continued to uphold her family’s reputation. As the youngest of three sisters, with two elder siblings who’ve left an indelible mark on the Crestview program, and a mother who serves as the head coach, it might be easy to assume that Lainy was handed her position. However, she’s quick to prove that she’s earned every moment on the court through her sheer determination and undeniable talent.

Inheriting the versatility of her older sister Grace, Lainy excels as both a setter and a hitter. Her ability to seamlessly transition between these roles during rotations makes her a dynamic offensive force, providing the team with a constant threat that can put up a triple-double on any given night. Her skills extend to the back row as well, where she adds an extra layer of defensive prowess to her already impressive repertoire.

Lainy’s leadership on the floor is a testament to her maturity and adaptability, even as one of the younger players on the team. Her past experiences in club volleyball have accustomed her to setting and leading older teammates, effectively bridging the age gap without hesitation.

Looking at her impressive 2023 season stats, it’s clear that Lainy is a force to be reckoned with. She has amassed 182 kills at an impressive 2.3 per set, with a remarkable .334 hitting percentage. Her contributions aren’t limited to offense, as she’s also accumulated 205 digs, 16 blocks, and an impressive 56 aces.

As Lainy and the Rebels prepare to face Smithville in the upcoming regional semifinals, it’s abundantly clear that she’s a central pillar of their success. Her individual achievements, coupled with her family’s legacy, paint a promising picture for the future of Crestview volleyball. The Regional Semifinals will be  on Thursday in Barberton at 6:00.

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