*By Larry Jennings

In a clash of baseball titans at Holman Stadium, the Edgewood Warriors found themselves overpowered by the relentless offense of the Plymouth, Wisconsin, Falcons, succumbing to a decisive 18-5 defeat on Thursday.

From the outset, it was clear that the Falcons meant business, wasting no time in asserting their dominance. Neilitz drew a crucial walk in the top of the first inning, setting the stage for a commanding offensive display. Kuhn and Shutter followed suit with clutch hits, propelling Plymouth to an early lead.

Despite a valiant effort to stem the tide, Edgewood found themselves on the back foot once again in the second inning as Plymouth’s bats continued to sizzle. RBI singles by Kresbach and Kuhn extended the Falcons’ lead, leaving the Warriors scrambling for answers.

As the game progressed, Plymouth showed no signs of letting up, adding to their tally with each passing inning. Steinhardt’s single in the third inning further widened the gap, leaving Edgewood reeling.

The fourth inning proved to be the tipping point, as Plymouth unleashed a barrage of hits, capitalizing on every opportunity to extend their lead. Schweitzer’s well-timed walk and Neilitz’s clutch single were among the highlights of an inning that saw the Falcons assert their dominance with authority.

Despite their best efforts, Edgewood struggled to contain Plymouth’s offensive onslaught. Logan Kray, taking the mound for the Warriors, faced a formidable challenge as he grappled with Plymouth’s potent lineup. While displaying flashes of brilliance with three strikeouts, Kray ultimately fell victim to Plymouth’s relentless assault.

On the other side of the diamond, Hellmer’s stellar performance on the mound set the tone for Plymouth’s victory, stifling Edgewood’s offense with precision and control.

For Edgewood, the loss was undoubtedly a bitter pill to swallow. Despite standout performances from players like Tony Hall and Aidan Hernandez, who each drove in two runs, the Warriors found themselves outmatched by Plymouth’s superior firepower.

As the dust settles on this grueling contest, Edgewood will no doubt look to regroup and learn from this experience. With their Florida road trip drawing to a close and a return to Ohio on the horizon, the Warriors will be eager to put this defeat behind them and focus on the challenges that lie ahead.

For Plymouth, the victory serves as a testament to their skill and determination. With a commanding display of offensive prowess, the Falcons have sent a clear message to their competitors: they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of high school baseball.