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POLAND OH- We are gliding down the final stretch of the basketball season, and here’s a news flash, Poland is right in the thick of relevancy on the girls side.  After tons of questions on what the Bulldogs would look like without the players they graduated a year ago, Poland is still sitting on top of the NE8.  It hasn’t been without adversity though. As head coach Nick Blanch says in this interview, it’s a long basketball season.  If anyone thinks they are going to get through it without some dips, they are going to be shocked.  Poland saw Girard give them their first conference loss of the season, and just their third conference loss as a member of the NE8.  The Bulldogs didn’t sulk in despair however, they got right back on the horse and started winning again.

Coach Blanch took the time to check in with us ahead of a big week of conference games. He talks with Anthony Hartwig about bouncing back from the loss, the process of tournament voting during the season, and much more.  Check out Episode 3 of Coach’s Corner with Nick Blanch only on YSN.

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