CAMPBELL OH- Campbell Memorial’s volleyball team reclaimed their winning form with a hard-fought victory over Liberty in a three-set thriller, demonstrating their resilience and determination on the court.

The first set set the tone for Campbell’s dominance as they secured a decisive 25-8 win, displaying their offensive firepower and strong defensive presence. This commanding performance put Liberty on the backfoot early in the match.

Liberty, however, fought back fiercely in the following set, pushing Campbell to the limit. The set ended with a tight scoreline of 26-24, but Campbell held their composure and determination, ultimately clinching the set.

The third set proved to be another closely contested battle, with both teams refusing to give in. Campbell managed to secure the set 25-23, illustrating their ability to thrive under pressure and close out a match.

Throughout the game, Campbell Memorial’s standout players showcased their skills. Kendall Brunn led the team with 12 kills, while MiLeena Williams contributed nine. The team’s blocking was led by Angeliz Diaz with two blocks, and Carla Ramirez Ortiz delivered 35 crucial assists. Cyra Cross, Gabby Villanueva Santos, Angeliz Diaz, and Jayda Coriano were instrumental in the defensive effort, recording significant dig totals.

This victory marks a turning point for Campbell Memorial as they regain their winning momentum. The team’s strong performance and resilience are indicative of their potential in the upcoming matches.