David Rach, South Range


CANFIELD, OH-  Having clinched the NEA (Northeast Athletic Conference) title in their first year, Coach Rach expressed his pride in the hard work and consistency of his players. The seniors, in particular, have an impressive record of 27-0 against Northeast State throughout their careers. The coach acknowledged the challenges of winning football games and commended his team’s relentless dedication.

Transitioning from his role as defensive coordinator to head coach, Coach Rach admitted that the experience has been different. He credits his capable staff for providing support and allowing him to focus on other aspects of coaching. However, he also acknowledged the learning curve in managing the team and ensuring he strikes the right balance between guidance and giving his coaches the freedom they need.

As the South Range Raiders move from the regular season to the playoffs, Coach Rach acknowledged the different dynamic they face when preparing for unfamiliar opponents. He acknowledged the excitement and unpredictability that comes with facing teams they haven’t encountered before. The team is working diligently in the film room to be prepared for any challenges that their upcoming opponent, Fearless, may present.

Despite the underdog status, Coach Rach highlighted the team’s drive to improve and emphasized that they will take each game as an opportunity to grow. He spoke about the importance of continuous improvement throughout the playoffs and the need to address any weaknesses that persisted during the regular season.

When asked about the difference in preparation for the postseason compared to the regular season, Coach Rach noted that the need for thoroughness becomes even more significant. With unfamiliar opponents, the team must be ready to face anything thrown their way. He mentioned the challenge of acquiring limited films on opponents, leading them to search for additional resources such as YouTube to gain insights.

In a light-hearted moment during the podcast, Coach Rach engaged in a Rock, Paper, Scissors match with the podcast host. The stakes were set high, with the winner gaining the right to ask a question.

As the South Range Raiders gear up for their postseason pursuits, Coach Rach and his players are eager to continue their winning streak. Their remarkable achievements this season, coupled with their dedication to improvement, promise an exciting postseason for the team and their devoted fans.