WARREN, OH- What does high school football have to do with Wall Street?  Well, it’s hustle and bustle when the whistle blows, until the final bell sounds.  It takes teamwork to accomplish an upswing in the exchange.

In the trenches.

THAT’S where the winners live.

On Warren JFK- they have Will Toth, a senior who has battled his way over, under, and through adversity during his tenure with the Eagles.  However, on the other side of that adversity- a grizzled wolf has been created.  One that has ambition, hunger, and determination in those trenches to help battle through opponents’ lines and eat up blocks like a medium-rare steak.

Toth reveals in his Profile that he wants to take the JFK stock to the top in his final year as an Eagle, then eventually find his way to Wall Street and showcase his talents there as well.

We catch up with Will the Wolf who talks about his past, present, and future as well as his role model parents in this edition of the Warren JFK Player Profile: The Wolf is on the Prowl.

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