YOUNGSTOWN, OH-  In a recent episode of YSN’s “Youngstown State University Baseball Coach’s Corner,” Coach Dan Bertolini provided insights into the Youngstown State University (YSU) baseball penguins’ recent road trip to Texas State. Despite coming up short in the three-game series, Coach Bertolini emphasized the valuable experience gained by the team, particularly for the younger and newer players.

Reflecting on the Texas trip, Coach Bertolini highlighted the significance of the opening weekend as a learning experience for the team. He noted the challenges faced by the players, including nerves and adapting to the Division One level, while also acknowledging the positive aspects of the games, such as the performance of some of the younger pitchers and defensive plays.

When discussing the team’s offensive performance, Coach Bertolini acknowledged the need for improvement and emphasized the importance of gaining experience and making adjustments as the season progresses. He pointed out areas for growth, including being more aggressive in scoring positions and refining the team’s offensive approach.

Looking ahead to the upcoming series against the College of Charleston, Coach Bertolini expressed expectations of a challenging matchup against a well-coached and competitive team. He emphasized the team’s focus on utilizing the information gathered from each series to continually improve and prepare for competition in the conference.

Beyond the discussion of baseball, Coach Bertolini also shared insights into his personal routine and reflected on passages from the Bible that hold special meaning for him.

As the YSU baseball penguins gear up for the next series, Coach Bertolini’s reflections provide a glimpse into the team’s mindset and the ongoing commitment to growth and improvement as they navigate the season.

Overall, Coach Bertolini’s insights offer a valuable perspective on the team’s journey, revealing the dedication and determination guiding the YSU baseball penguins as they continue their season.