CORTLAND OH- Everybody already knew how good of an athlete Maggie Pavlansky was for Lakeview. Especially where she shines the brightest, the volleyball court. But as hard as it is to imagine, Pavlansky keeps finding ways to improve, and to make the players around her better.  We have had the chance to talk to Pavlansky many times over the years, and one thing that has always stuck out is her leadership ability. This senior season is when her leadership is going to show the biggest impact to the program. Not only is what she does this year help her team win now, but also how much it can win in the future. Pavlansky’s leadership impact will be felt for years to come, especially for the program’s setters.

As for this season, Pavlansky is putting up great numbers as always.  She currently holds 154 assists on the season, and averages 5.3 assists per set.  Pavlansky ranks 3rd on the team currently in digs with 96, and also has gotten herself 32 kills.  As far as her career, Pavlansky has 1,464 assists.

Pavlansky was gracious enough to take some time to come on to YSN’s Running Point this week to talk about her career. She talks with DJ Yokley, and Anthony Hartwig about her legacy, what the best feeling in sports is, and so much more. Take your last chance to hear a volleyball player profile from Maggie Pavlansky only on YSN!

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