POLAND OH- In a thrilling Battle of 224, the rivalry lived up to its reputation as Poland ended a six-game losing streak to Canfield with a hard-fought 10-7 victory. The first half showcased a defensive battle, with neither offense managing to score. It was Poland’s Jas Stefancin who broke the deadlock with a field goal, granting Poland a slim 3-0 lead at halftime.

Canfield had their moments in the first half, moving the ball effectively, but Poland’s red-zone defense stood firm. A promising drive led by quarterback Paul Bindas and running back Danny Inglis reached the Bulldogs’ 23-yard line in the first quarter, but a Canfield fumble thwarted their efforts. Later in the half, running back Scottie Eaton’s big plays brought Canfield closer to field goal range, but miscues prevented them from making the kick.

Canfield came out strong in the second half, with Inglis breaking free for an impressive 87-yard run to Poland’s 10-yard line. Bindas capitalized on the opportunity, scoring a 5-yard touchdown run to put Canfield ahead 7-3. However, Poland responded with a 41-yard touchdown from Cole Fulton, taking a 10-7 lead.

In the final quarter, Poland executed a keep-away strategy to maintain their lead. Despite Canfield’s efforts, they couldn’t break through Poland’s defense again. The game concluded with a hard-fought 10-7 victory for Poland, marking a significant milestone as they snapped their losing streak against Canfield in a memorable Battle of 224 showdown.