PEPPER PIKE OH- The Rams embarked on a journey to Pepper Pike and orchestrated a resounding victory over the Orange Lions, triumphing with a decisive 49-14 scoreline. This win propelled the Rams to a commendable 2-0 record for the season, establishing their dominance early on.

Ian Erb emerged as the standout player for the Rams, showcasing his incredible versatility and impact on the field. He demonstrated prowess in both rushing and receiving, accumulating a remarkable 307 yards of total offense. Erb’s performance was truly multifaceted, with 214 yards gained on the ground and an additional 93 yards through the air. His contributions extended to the end zone, where he notched an impressive 5 total touchdowns—4 through rushing and 1 via receiving.

Quarterback Owen Shingledecker orchestrated the offense with finesse, amassing 129 passing yards and contributing 1 touchdown pass to the team’s success.

Brady Balestrino showcased his skill set, racking up 24 receiving yards while also adding a dynamic 17-yard rushing touchdown to the Rams’ impressive tally.

Defensively, the Rams exhibited exceptional cohesion and determination. The Mineral Ridge defense executed with speed and physicality, containing the Orange Lions’ potent offense to a mere 14 points. Ethan Pemberton’s interception added a pivotal defensive play to the game, while Matt Mounier’s fumble recovery further underscored the Rams’ prowess on the defensive end.

As a collective effort, the Mineral Ridge team demonstrated their prowess and determination, working cohesively to secure the victory. With their sights set on continued success, the Rams are gearing up to face the challenge presented by St. Thomas Aquinas next Friday as they travel to Louisville.