Photo Credit: Noelle Nunes


Photo Credit: Noelle Nunes

Conneaut, OH- In a hard-fought battle between the Conneaut Spartans and the Perry Pirates, the Pirates emerged victorious with a final score of 66-53. Despite the Spartans’ valiant effort, highlighted by Chance Loomis reaching a career milestone, the Pirates’ offensive firepower proved to be too much to handle.

Conneaut Spartans: 8 | 17 | 16 | 12 = 53
Perry Pirates: 13 | 19 | 16 | 18 = 66

Conneaut Spartans Total Points:

  • Chance Loomis: 25
  • Jordan Kulko: 10
  • Davonte Harris: 8
  • Noah Hamm: 6
  • JR Hutchinson: 4

Perry Pirates Total Points:

  • Vincent Tomasic: 14
  • Derreon Malone: 24
  • Braylen Richards: 12
  • Allen Morris: 2
  • Ryan Zurinsky: 2
  • Walter Moses: 9
  • Josh Zentgraf: 3

Despite the loss, the Spartans had a notable milestone to celebrate as Chance Loomis reached his 1,000th career point during the game. Loomis, a talented scoring machine for the Spartans, achieved this milestone on senior night in the Spartans’ final home game of the season, adding a special moment to the evening’s proceedings.

Loomis led the charge for the Spartans with an impressive 25 points, showcasing his scoring prowess and determination on the court. He received support from Jordan Kulko with 10 points, while Davonte Harris, Noah Hamm, and JR Hutchinson also contributed points for the Spartans.

Despite Loomis’ milestone performance, the Pirates proved to be a formidable opponent, led by Derreon Malone with 24 points. Vincent Tomasic and Braylen Richards also made significant contributions with 14 and 12 points, respectively, leading the Pirates to victory.

With this loss, the Conneaut Spartans move to a record of 4-16 on the season, but they remain determined to bounce back in their next game against the Pymatuning Valley Lakers. The Spartans will look to build upon Loomis’ milestone performance and continue to compete at a high level.

As for the Perry Pirates, they celebrate a hard-fought win and prepare for their next game against the Jefferson Falcons. With a record of 10-9, the Pirates remain focused on finishing the season strong and making a statement in the postseason.

While the outcome may not have been what the Spartans had hoped for, Loomis’ milestone achievement serves as a testament to his talent and dedication, and the Spartans will look to rally around this accomplishment as they strive for success on the court.